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  1. Ah, there's more than one way to gaze upon the setting Sun, my friend. I don't think the immediate reaction would be that people wouldn't enjoy such a ReMix because it hasn't been done before or only one or two ReMixes previousy were released and left a bad taste in the yap. I believe the idea of giving said tunes an overhaul will open many creative doors, not just to the listeners, but for the ReMixers as well. It all boils down to whether or not someone is willing to give a song a chance from the get-go. Take a look at what DJ Pretzel did with Hillbilly Rodeo. I applaud him for that one. Now
  2. As of right now there are only two songs stuck in my melon that I'd absolutely love to see ReMixed: One is "Battle of the Holly" from Akumajo Dracula Best II (Disc 2), and the other is a song from Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES fame) which I don't know the name know of. But if you were to play the song in your head to actual lyrics, it'd sound like "here comes the piano player". Odd, I know, but a good and catchy tune nonetheless. I believe it played whilst traversing the dungeons. Haven't heard it in years though, so not sure. Oh, and I think a "Most Overlooked" album would definitely be mo
  3. I couldn't agree more about someone or even a group of people actually being referred to as "best" as all music/genre is completely subjective to the listener's own likes/dislikes. That's why I stated the tracks selected for the FFVII album were of my own personal taste, and even then it was a difficult task in selecting which ones to include as I love all genres of music and my collection is pretty huge. Maybe I should have gone with a different approach; perhaps I should have suggested a compilation based on the popularity of the number of downloads received per song? Then again, who's clock
  4. Greetings! I've been visiting this site for some time now and have quite a bit of the ReMixes offered, but was wondering, where are the "Greatest Hits", the "Best of" albums? So, I took it upon myself to create the very first "Best of" album art and track listing and what better place to start with than Final Fantasy VII. I call it "The Best of OC ReMix: Final Fantasy VII: No ReMix is Final" compilation. See, my idea is to have you fine folk (the ReMixers and guests) come together with some ideas and see if we could release compilation albums. Perhaps vote on what songs go on what album and so
  5. Here's an updated version: http://phoenix-wynde.deviantart.com/art/OCR-Arranged-Version-73826390
  6. That last bit you mention, it's exactly why I chose to create the wallpaper. I've been visiting OCR for quite some time now, have well over five hundred-plus tunes that I've downloaded over time from some pretty talented people, all filed and sorted according to genre (game name) and album (OC ReMix "game name goes here"). What can I say, I love music. But more importantly, the people here are the reason why I have so much of it, and playing on a regular basis, too. I may not be the best or biggest artist on the block, but hey, if I can get over five hundred-plus free tunes from some pretty da
  7. I've created a wallpaper for you fine folk. My little way of saying thanks to all the talented people on OCR. Check it out: http://phoenix-wynde.deviantart.com/art/OC-ReMix-Wallpaper-73787792 Enjoy!
  8. This is really beautiful and in every aspect of the word. Very mesmerizing and soothing. I don't think I could say enough about how much I like this piece, nay, love this piece. It just takes you to another place and does it with such justice, too. Right on, man.
  9. This piece is absolutely amazing. It's smooth at first, creating an atmosphere in which to get lost. Then it picks up a little, offering a light, thought provoking experience, almost as if on a roller coaster without the sudden shakes. The only thing I wish this song had was a faded out ending. It ends a bit abruptly. Overall, this is a great ride and one that shouldn't be passed up.
  10. Personally, I believe this would make an excellent arrangement, it just has that feel to me. Would someone please take up the challenge of creating a beauty out of it? Although not totally sure, the original song (Battle of the Holly) can be found on this album by Konami Kukeiha Club: Akumajo Dracula Best II (Disc 2, track 2). Thanks and God Bless!
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