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  1. I am a huge Monkey Island fan, and while I did enjoy this mix, I was disappointed that the source was taken out of its 6/4 time and converted almost entirely into 4/4 (barring the intro). Granted, the flute solo towards the end is in common time in both the original and the mix, but the rest just doesn't have the source's flair. Still, it certainly was surprising how well you mixed A Pirate I was Meant to Be into the main theme.
  2. This is really good, but the last minute has a few sour notes (3:48 and 4:02 in particular) that throw me off.
  3. I'm usually not into lyrics, but this is absolutely beautiful!
  4. This is awesome. There's just the right amount of overall reverb to give it a crisp sound and the use of the source is excellent. If only it was just a bit longer, though I'm not sure if you can do that without becoming repetitive. You definitely need to submit this!
  5. I'm usually not a huge fan of voices and sound clips, but these fit so well that it's hard not to like them. Great Mix
  6. Has anyone else been following the development of the Pandora? It just became available for pre-order and only 3000 are being made this year. Those who miss out have to wait until next year for the second batch. Check it out at http://www.openpandora.org "How is it relevant?" is what some may be asking. Well, the Pandora prides itself on being one of the best ways to emulate all of your favorite consoles in your pocket. It has full analog controller capabilities, touchscreen, it even has a full keyboard for all of you Amiga lovers. Just thought I'd spread the love.
  7. Ok, first things first, the extreme pitch bend is totally atrocious. If that entire section were cut out, I'd be eternally grateful. The rest of the song is absolutely awesome. One thing I do notice is that your underlying chord progression is almost EXACTLY the same as Green Day's "Holiday". I'm not saying that Green Day invented the progression or anything like that, but it doesn't vary much from it, so I find it possible that you may have drawn from that subconsciously. Overall, this is a great mix, but I honestly cannot stand the pitch bending.
  8. Crikey! This is damn fine work. I can't find anything wrong with this one. I really love the use of game samples (mainly the ring collect sound). Maybe my only gripe is the extremely abrupt ending.
  9. This is a lot better, but I still need to draw attention to the latter half of the piano section towards the end. The higher notes sound too hollow and stand out more than I think you wanted them to. While I understand that a real piano's higher notes produce that same type of sound, yours seem a little too hollow. Maybe it's just me. However, this mix is starting to really shape up, and what you have so far is really good.
  10. This is really nice. I love the clapping sound, it really adds a fun little twist. However, during the piano part, I hear what sounds like a 3 year old banging the same note over and over. Perhaps add a more varied left-hand section to the piano.
  11. Does anyone else here the excessive amount of hiss in the background? The high pitched synth a little past halfway is a little shrill for my taste. See if you can soften it out a bit. Overall, I love the feel of it, so keep it up!
  12. I got this from your site at least 4 months ago and I was wondering why it wasn't featured on the site. Great work, though I must admit I'm partial to your more traditional Jazz and Bossa Nova grooves.
  13. The minute your voice kicked in I couldn't help but think of the Devil May Cry 3 theme. Your voice sounds so much like the younger singer in that song it's almost unbelievable. I suggest you give "Devils Never Cry" a listen so you can say whether I'm crazy or not. This is an excellent mix. The lyrics are perfect for the source material and your voice is awesome. I just wish my friends could appreciate the song without laughing at the mythical lyrics, but it's their loss, not mine. Keep it up!
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