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  1. For anyone who thinks that Sonic hasn't been in a rut the past few years, I'd like for you to explain the travesty called Sonic 2006. I really don't trust their games these days as they're usually rushed and end up with exciting glitches like boosting into your own bullets from the motorcycle or taking damage just by driving a hovercraft, jumping into an enemy only to fall to your death, breakdancing to death whenever you run into a wall during the mach speed section, and numerous stages that can take 15 or more tedious minutes. If you want to see the full game and the pain that it causes, click right here.
  2. Question on Wavebird controllers: I have 2 right now that are having the "stuck in one direction" problem. Is there a DIY fix for this, and if so, is it easy enough to make buying a tri-head screwdriver worth it? If not, does Nintendo still repair Wavebird controllers and is there a price estimate for the fix? (Slight Derail but Snake's in Brawl so if I just picked up the MGS Essential Collection, would it hurt if I played in chronological order by starting with MGS3, or should I wait until I find a PSone memory card to start going through the trilogy from the first game?)
  3. Thanks, I was hoping someone had the author's site as it didn't seem like his first comic.
  4. Singles are a bit easier to set up, quick to finish, but don't give rookie players much of a chance. Doubles take longer, more complicated to follow (unless you have a good tournament maker/program), but let everyone have more playtime. So if there's a good number of excellent players, go with the singles. Otherwise, doubles works for all the people who would be thrilled to not lose their first match.
  5. 4:30 if you want to see Pikafreak. Edit: MINI MARIO = AWESOME Meet Peach's younger sister at 4:23!
  6. This brings up something I've been thinking about. Who actually decides when Europe gets Nintendo's first party releases? Does Nintendo of Europe play a part in it or is it the fault of the main Nintendo HQ?
  7. SUPER SPICY LIGHTNING ROUND OF DEATH! WARNING: LANGUAGE This is the guy that stole your lunch money. He punches you. Just like the guy that stole your lunch money.
  8. I remember someone saying that he was taking a bunch of snapshots, so I assume that's why he has two controllers. (can't remember the source)
  9. Huh? You couldn't do that in SMK. You could only carry your speed through the corner with the slide. Also, if online is decent (with or without snaking, doesn't matter to me), then I'll pick this up. I played MKDS for a long time online, but it started getting to the point of just messing around with people by trying to "pace" yourself so other opponents would stand a chance and wouldn't dc after the first race. Although in the last race (if you were leading in total points already), it was hilarious to let everyone get ahead of you, then sit back with blue shells/bullet bills and end up forcing all of them to tie in the final points.
  10. 2. 512 MB internal flash memory is not a hard drive 3. http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/gamemode/wi-fi/wi-fi01.html Edit: Beaten
  11. Castle

    Nintendo Wii

    Nope, 64 was the game that introduced "Left right left right BOOST!!!" to the series (not to mention fake item boxes, triple items, the banana trail, and the blue shell).
  12. Meh, Casuals and Tourney Players don't know anything. We EXTREMOS play with our feet, or butts, or we play the game in the middle of an interstate, or while bungie jumping. That's just how we are.
  13. Not sure if there's been other videos on this, but here's an example of the Footstool Jump in action (seen around 2:40, and I think there's another one near the end of the video): Amen.
  14. Ah, my bad. There was one point where he tossed a blue pikmin, but I wasn't paying attention to notice that Meta was just doing the slowly get up style. Fixed to prevent anymore misinformation.
  15. This is why Jigglypuff's FS is awesome: And some other video (fixed to prevent misinformation): Olimar vs. Metaknight
  16. Seriously, no one else proclaimed that they were going to "BEAT YOU WITH MY SAUSAGE!" when using G&W? Also, here's the US Trailer for Brawl- US BRAWL TRAILER Edit: I feel sorry for the guy trying to play with heartburn.
  17. (I would HIGHLY advise that you do not watch past 1:18 with the volume turned high. Just an FYI )
  18. It's paranoid gamers. At 2:11, he mistakenly uses the missle instead of the Cypher. 2:54, he DOES use the Cypher, but only after accidentally dropping a grenade. At the end he presses the wrong thing and ends up falling to his death. Just looks like the Snake player has slippery fingers, that's all.
  19. I don't know, I think Luigi's giving Falcon a run for his money.
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