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  1. On the one hand, I didn't have high hopes for this game. On the other, seeing a Mega Man game get canceled is just plain sad.
  2. Alright, alright, hold up a second. Let's clear something up. I'm not trying to take a collective dump all over your parade. I'm not going out for a nice troll through the park. Did you guys forget something? I want a 3DS. I'm completely hyped for it, and the upcoming games. 3D is cool. Better graphics are cool. Control nub is the bomb. Instead of crucifying me because I'm not full of 100% rosy happiness, why don't you reflect on what I'm trying to say? Before launch, people told me that waiting for a 3DS was a waste of my time, and that they'd get to enjoy it and I wouldn't. I heard everyt
  3. Don't be hatin' sweetie. Not my fault you bought a ticking time bomb. Oh no! I'm missing out on dead pixels, black screens...and Nintendogs! Waaaah......
  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!..............HA! In this case, I DON'T hate to say "I told you so!" You see? You see? ^THAT'S why you don't adopt early! That's it! See? There. There isn't a chance in hell that I'm buying a broken 3DS right now. Booya!
  5. JCvgluvr

    Portal 2

    Hahahaha! Good stuff.
  6. Against my better judgement...I'm fighting a bad case of hype right now...I must not cave! I must stick to my principles!
  7. Almost all of my all-time favorite games are sequels, so...pretty much any sequel I've played is the best. But just to add something (not) original to the thread, Donkey Kong Country 2 and Mega Man 2. I will love those games for the rest of my natural life.
  8. I've seen your routine a thousand times, sparky. It's old, boring and was never funny to begin with. I'm moving on now, I suggest you do the same.
  9. Check my gamertag, bro. Stop saying good games are bad. Sonic 4 wasn't great, but it was good. What did I just say?! Ooooh, dude! Remember Chronicles of the Sword? Frick, man, I remember buckets and buckets of scalding hot frustration being pored onto my face...*shudder*
  10. There is a sewer area later in the game. It's one short level. So yeah, basically what Global says. Have a good time, XZero. The game only gets better the farther you get.
  11. Out of all the worthy examples you could have used, you bring out this? Sonic '06, I can understand. Sonic and the Black Knight, totally. Sonic Advance 2, sure. But really, Sonic 4? I swear that game gets way more hate than it deserves.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TPfkEI-7WA&feature=player_detailpage#t=41s
  13. That game is my own personal example that nostalgia can't stop a game from being terrible. Believe me, I used to love that game back on the original genesis. Now, I recently re-played it a year or so ago on my Xbox 360, and it was practically torture. Did I beat the game for completion's sake? You bet I did. But I was cursing the entire way.
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