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  1. kiyo-chan

    MAGFest 8

    MAGFest 8 was an honour, as always, to meet and play for and with a good lot of you. Times were grand and I apologize to those in the OCR room on Sunday night when I randomly walked in with The OneUps and was kind of blehhh at the time - it was only the start of MAGFlu, which, I do think I am over. I suppose if I had slept that weekend it would have been a lot better hehe. Here's to future times! Grab bags sound fun too! Count me in?
  2. I'm a little late on the uptake here, I know (and apologise haha) but the weekend I got to see PLAY! was all sorts of incredible as Select Start had been playing Video Games Live (and getting all sorts of VIP happiness) less than two days prior. So yea...a full dosage weekend of VGM, composer meeting/networking, and hilariously - I didn't take a single autograph. I think I was too immersed in conversation. There's nothing like debating aesthetics with Jeremy Soule, gamer show gossiping with Tallarico, getting a hug from Mrs. Jack Wall because you were bawling your eyes out at the music, and
  3. photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/elainexl1/MAGfest200802
  4. The moment I came upon this thread and saw that pic of Larry and me, I realized I was listening to the Terranigma OST. That one's for you, big giant circles The soundtrack certainly is very pretty and cute...so far. The weekend was an incredible one for both me and all the members of Select Start. I'm so glad finally I got to meet/play with/hear so many of you all and I really look forward to doing this more in the future!
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