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  1. Being a former trumpet player in a jazz band, I just Omnislashed in my pants. Thanks for this one.
  2. Pretty good. I thought I was listening to the .hack series soundtrack for a second.
  3. I've been listening to remixes on this site here for a while, but I never got around to registering an account and writing any reviews. This remix was so good that I decided to register just so I could post a comment. This is definitely a colorful and exciting piece. It definitely strays the course of many other Jenova remixes, for instance like the heavier techno, rock, or dark orchestral remixes. Really refreshing piece. As soon as it opened, I instantly got this feeling of nostalgia. Not just for FFVII, but for something else because of the feel of this piece. It felt something of a cartoon-ish John Williams Fantasy and Flight sort of thing out of Star Wars. After about 20 minutes and relistening to this remix, I realized that the feel of the piece reminded me of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Great piece.
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