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  1. Don't know what you're doing Thursday night before Otakon?! Check this out: Life UP! www.sonarbaltimore.com FEATURING DJ BLACK {OP} & DJ GHOST WITH PERFOMANCES FROM THE BLACK TASSLE BOOLESQUE! ADMISSIONS: 18+ Event $12.00 cover @ Door $10.00 Online Pre-Purchase www.sonarbaltimore.com You are invited to Life UP, a brand new video game/anime theme night that will be pulsing with energy! There will be dancing, video gaming, and performances all night long! There will be contests and raffles for some awesome prizes! COSPLAY IS ENCOURAGED! Cosplayers may participate in our cosplay contest for some nifty anime merch to the guy or gal toteing the hottest anime cosplay in the show! Rave.Dance.Video Games.Cosplay. Scantily clad women dancing to video game themes. Honestly, why not go? Can't get your tickets now? No problem! Come through with your Otakon 2010 badge and catch a $2 dollar discount ANYWAY! And...if you hadn't seen it yet... www.sonarbaltimore.com You're still here?! Go....NOW!
  2. How does one go about having the OC Remix community put up information regarding a video game themed music event in the announcements section on the front page of OCR or in any section at all on the main site page? For example, ROFLcon is posted from 4/30 and has a link to a thread that shows the info.
  3. Does anyone out there use Jazz Mutant Lemur for their FL Studio rig? I'd like some insight and advice on how to get started using it, I want to get one soon and I'd like to know if anyone else out there is able to set it up and use it intuitively.
  4. Hello, Is there a way to have a template that carries over controller mappings? For example, linking a knob parameter to a knob on Maschine, but having that same parameter linked when you open that template again.
  5. Any insight yet, avaris? Zircon? I have been able to work around it, but I still have issues every now and again...
  6. All, Can someone shed some light on the issue I'm having with Symphonic Choirs and FL Studio, I get the following error when it tries to load: There was an error loading the settings for the plugin "Play". Its settings are not loaded. You are advised to restart FL Studio. Don't save your song now, or make sure you have a backup! I honestly don't think its FL. They're prog. has been damn near bullet proof up until now. Soundsonline has the latest updates, and I've used them...so I don't know WHAT'S up. Tryin to lay down a track that needs a choir so any help is greatly appreciated I reinstalled Symphonic Choirs, ran all current updates from Soundsonline.com...the whole nine. What's the deal?
  7. Zircon, I went in an took a look at my settings to compare them to yours. I currently take the TI down to "Relaxed Normal" for system performance and "Below Normal" for Application priority. For them, a fancy way of saying 256 (6ms) and 512 samples respectively (mine is 12 ms for some reason). I experience this whenever I start up a track that has 2 or more VSTi's regardless of whether they are virus or regular sounds. I have problems when using the TI sounds as well as the normal VSTi (both Fruity and VST's I picked up on the net such as FMMF). I tried this with ASIO4ALL and I experience similar difficulties. Now, avaris, you're saying that this is runnin off only usb 1.0? Is there a firmware upgrade, or am I stuck with that? That's pretty ridiculous for a brand new TI Virus Keyboard, but given its total integration, I can get around that, especially if I'm to understand obtaining a different sound card would actually take the load off my processor. Is this true? For example, I'm looking to obtain a Presonus Firebox in the near future, or a comparable external soundcard. That'd cut down on the amount of latency I'm having? I have similar issues with ASIO4ALL as well. Is it b/c I'm running plugins that are too tough on my system? Examples: Glitch, Krakli software, PSG, Famisynth...
  8. What up all, Using a TI Virus Keyboard with a Quad Core 2.67 processor and 3 gigs of RAM with 64 bit Windows Vista. I'm running into some issues using the sound card. It works wonderfully except for it keeps starting the song on the 2nd and third bars. Given I have the processor and RAM I do, shouldn't I be able to get around popping, clipping, and stutter issues with latency? I am using the TI Viruses internal sound card which, as I said except for this work wonders. I've tried ASIO4 All V.2 and also the regular buffer with the normal ASIO drivers and they don't work half as good as the Virus Driver. I've download and brought the full version of jbridger as well and point jbridge to the directory (VST Plugins within the Image-Line Folder) I also went in and tried to change over my vsts to end with the 64 on each of the .dll files. I'm still experiencing latency issues. I know that even though my rig is pretty strong, I feel like with an external sound card and other parts that Zircon is definitely calling on his system to do more with less. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with jbridge? His tracks run mad smooth and I would like to get to that point myself. Thanks, {OP}
  9. Okay...I've tried this, both ways with JBridge. I can't really tell a difference and without turning on multithreading and I'm wondering if I'm doing this incorrectly. 1) When I tried it the way listed above, I couldn't load ANY of my FL studio plugins (even the vst/vsti's that came stock with Studio). 2) I then tried to have FL studio point to the a different directory as instructed in the manual that came with JBridge, by changing the directory on the File Tab within for extra VST search. Am I not pointing to the new directory properly? I'm still experiencing the sound stopping in the middle of RAM intense points of my work.
  10. I have an interesting problem, I want to emulate the sound of the games we play. I want to be able to capture the sound games made to make my compositions in loops. I've begun dabbling in soundfonts and I've come up with some minor results, but I'm still not able to get "that sound" I'm searching for. Soundtracks I'm looking to emulate: Street Fighter II Street Fighter Alpha 2 Pocket Fighter Marvel Superheroes Vs. Street Fighter Legend of the Mystical Ninja (GOEMON!!!) Tried using reverb in FL Studio and its too clean. I want to reproduce that effect that they had in the games where the reverb was much more distant and dirty sounding. I was told before about something called wavetable synthesis and that the only way to get these sounds is the Qsound board. In this age of vst's and what I've been able to create during my short time with FL Studio...this just seems ridiculous to me (that it can't be reproduced) Alpha Lyra and the other composers were using some high tech stuff, but now we have so many high power computers, I know I'm close to finding it.
  11. Ok, I've begun reading it and I feel like I'm already learning quite a bit. But, zircon, I'm coming from not knowing anything about EQing. I tried on some songs I've put together, but I wanted to refine and add to my knowledge. Since I've messed with loops 7, noticed the EQUO plugin and it gives me very drastic changes in sound, which lead me to believe it was a more powerful tool to use. So, while we're on the subject, exactly what is the difference between EQUO and the Parametric? Also, pros and cons? Should I ignore the flashiness of this new toy? lol.
  12. Is there anyone that can give me some insight on how to EQ using Fruity Loops 7 EQUO? For that matter, are there any resources that would allow me to gain more knowledge on EQing period? I know what sounds good when I mix records, but I want to learn how to apply that knowledge when making my tracks. Thanks, {OP}
  13. Yeah man, I tried there, but I found NO audio files. Thanks anyway. Funny you should loose EVERYTHING 2 weeks before we talk. I hope you can recover as much as possible. This is going to prove difficult and annoying... DOES ANYONE ELSE have any insight? People...I know its got to be somewhere. The anime's and games use it ALL THE TIME.
  14. Ok, Hy Bound... can I get that sample from you? Is it Royalty free? I have COMBED the net and I cannot find that sound. This is ridiculous.
  15. Makes perfect sense. Now those DSP sound very tasty..especially given I can manipulate my turntable effects. I use Fruity loops, so I'll reference that as my base. Would those effects be manipulated from loops or from the sound interface's software? Thanks for clearing up that soundcard/interface thing. That explains why my laptop keeps underrunning when Loops tries to playback the patterns I make using its softsynths such as Sytrus (my computer uses everything save a FLUX CAPACITOR to try to make those syths play). Now that the soundcard has been throughly discussed...what other things should I keep in mind, starting out and building?
  16. Well, I'm willing to wait some time, a few months at least before I get the final product. Until then, I'm trying to get as much info as I possibly can. I want to rise in both skill and equipment to a professional level. I know that purchasing an acoustically correct, studio space with all the furnishings and fixin's is unrealistic. But I'm interested in learning the skills and getting equipment that will let me take the ideas I have and put them to practice in reality. Thanks so much for the info thus far. Please, continue to impart as much knowledge as you can. All of this will help me determine what I actually purchase. Also, so advantages/disadvantages to using internal/external sound cards? For that matter, what does a sound card actually do? Does it solely allow you to hear sound? Or is it a thing where it takes the sound coming from the source and articulates it with varying degrees of nuance and clarity (such as a DJ Mixer and Turntable cartridges)?
  17. Hmm...external sound cards...interesting. That sounds like something that would help me with the current problem I'm having. I use fruity loops to create my songs. I love it, but I notice that its hard for me to balance the the sound of my melodies and baselines with the drum/beat tracks. Any suggestions for that external or internal are greatly appreciated as well. I'm trying to balance both without blasting the elements to distortion. Am I saying this in a clear way? Let me know if I need to try to explain it better. But what external's would you recommend, zircon? You're mixes are definitely on point.
  18. I'm considering getting a desktop that is portable to gain the best of both worlds for my particular style of production. I want to incorporate elements of turntablism into my production and also want to use the desktop to support Serato styled digital mixing programs. The person I have building it for me just needs to know what I need inside it. Any suggestions, advice, pointers, VITALS..anything you think that I should have in a music production workstation..are greatly appreciated. Thanks, {OP}
  19. Does broke as hell have a listing? In all seriousness...I don't have much because (and for other reasons) I'm trying to do the project with what I have. Soundfonts I've seen sold for like 15-30 bucks, which is doable. But soundfonts wouldn't have that "Yoooooooo!" sound (from the Noh theatre or whatever). The thing is, I want to find it royalty free regardless so I can sell it b/c I do plan on selling what I make, but I can't find that sound. They use it in hundreds of animes, traditional movies, video game soundtracks...I know its got to be SOMEWHERE even for purchase....
  20. I'm doing a project that requires an ancient Japanese element. Could someone direct me to a place where I could purchase/dl for free flutes...shamisen...and specifically the "Yoooooooo" chant made famous in Noh theatre and other settings? Thanks, {OP}
  21. I think there's real truth to both sides. When it comes to music, I actually like to buy mine. But I also like to buy my music used, and my fiance brought it to my attention one day...does that really help the artist since you brought it second hand? I do think it is unrealistic to expect someone to be able to afford the high end production software and hardware. Even the lower prices are still exceptionally high. That said, I think that when you get to a point of being able to afford the programs, buying them does show that you do at least support the creation. Its a hard issue too because its hard on wallets and hard on creativity. That said, I still don't think its stealing. Granted, no one complained on a huge scale that I knew when people taped music off the radio or made tapes for each other. But, when the quality went up and the industry took a hit, all of a sudden it became stealing. If someone has a program and or a cd and gives it to you, I don't think that's wrong. I have turned down people that have b/c I wanted to go buy the cd, but then I have gotten some tapes and some programs from people that had copies. Its how people get a feel for them and start.
  22. I mean, that's cool. I don't know anything about mastering anyway. That's why I'm here. But DDRKirby, you raise a good point. I don't want the bias, and I write too so I could understand that the person mastering would be in a sense, my editor. Any information about mastering someone could impart, I appreciate, but also, do you trust online mastering services? If so, what are some good options?
  23. I know fruity loops is only one program and that external hardware affords one more ground to break then software alone, but it seems to be an extremely powerful tool. Can anyone shed some light on what it takes to master one's own work? I'm interested in learning how to do Audio master, tools it takes, other programs to check out, prices, etc. But I'd like to get the info from people actually doing it as opposed to money hungry companies. Let me know what's good, {OP}
  24. Umm...where to start? lol I'm completely new to soundfonts and I wanted to know if they are anything like the generators in fruity loops. Also, is there a way I could hear them first b4 buying them? I sell my work currently, and I'd like to ensure that I can use them in commercial projects...
  25. Hello, Does anyone have any experience with Soundfonts in Fruityloops? I'm getting the hang of the generators, but I'd like to use soundfonts to get more of a unique sound going. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, {OP}
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