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  1. Oh yeah, and btw here's aluminum's 2003 remix if anyone want to hear it since it's such a gem and I don't think there's any links to it on the internet anymore. It really should be grandfathered in here as an ocremix. (feel free to delete this post if it's not allowed, but yeah it's a 20 year old remix that's not even on the internet as far as I can tell.) the_ghost_of_zeldas_past.mp3
  2. This was a fun remix. I just wanted to drop in here to let aluminum know that I listened to a song of storm remix from vector U, and I was about to say it was the best one I ever heard, but then I had to check, and it turned out the best song of storm remix I've ever heard, and I've heard so many, is Aluminum's 'the ghost of zelda past'. The funny think it's aptly named, because the mp3 on my computer was downloaded in 2003 making it over 20 years old lol. But for real that one is special. Thanks Aluminum.
  3. This is dope, really groovy. There's a lot going on there, and I really like all the different layers. I agree that modulation effect is really cool. And it has kind of a unique 80/90s vibe throughout, and for some reason gives me some unique vibes that remind me of chilling, but also being hyped for saturday morning cartoons as kid, lol. Listened to it a few times, and I think from 2 minutes onward may actually be my favorite part, though the whole thing is really nice. Definitely impressive imo.
  4. Interesting story. To me is sounds like your issue is less about luck and more about being in an overly-analytical mindset. There may always be some degree of luck when it comes to creativity, but I believe an important part of it is creating the headspace for it, and getting yourself into a relaxed and open-minded state. A state where vibes and ideas become present without much friction. I feel like meditation can help that kind of process a lot. Also I think cbd oil (probably without thc given your disposition -- that's the kind I get either way) may be helpful as it can increase neurogenesis and also calm the mind. Listening to inspirational music and doing things that kind of ground you can also help. Just some ideas though. I have a relatively creative background, though I mostly did traditional art and martial art. I've had so many musical ideas throughout the years and I've recorded many and played around with making music a bit, but I have never really gotten the chance to immerse myself in it enough. But yeah, definitely hope some of that might help you find the music within
  5. I'm glad you liked that one since I don't know too many people who share quite the same enthusiasm for those tracks -- though I'm sure many share the sentiment to some degree. That's a lot of times to listen to those tracks, haha. Personally I try not to over listen to gems or it's harder for me to get the same enjoyment out of them, but on the other hand I definitely do the same with some songs because it's, perhaps, too hard to resist. Though you definitely get another level of appreciation as well. Oh btw, since you're so into the starcraft soundtrack would you agree with me that the forensic files theme must have somehow had someone involved in making it that worked on the Starcraft music? lol I feel like this stuff is definitively starcraft brand space music. But yeah, overall I would love to hear your auditory vision of an interwoven starcraft theme mix. I can kind of imagine how it might be. Hopefully someone will pull that off if you don't. That sounds legit.
  6. That's funny you mention that, as I don't recall ever thinking of the internet as a place for nerds. Maybe because I was a nerd at the time xD But that's probably very true. I suppose either way OCR was a place for video game 'nerds' for sure though. I know I was the only person at my school walking around with an mp3 player that held like 30 songs and most of them were video game remixes. But yeah, I think most of the people around their early 20s in the golden era of unmod were probably considered a legend by everyone like AD lol. Now looking back and seeing that it's pretty hilarious though they had some wisdom you definitely weren't getting anywhere else on occasion. As well as lots of bad advice xD I'd take that transitory period over modern social media any day of the week though. We didn't even have Youtube for some of that time, and actually it's pretty funny because I'm pretty sure learned of youtube through unmod and/or ocr. Definitely makes one feel old knowing unmod was deleted, I believe, before chocolate rain came out, because Im pretty sure I remember that being super hype, but in offtopic after the dust settled. It was definitely a mematic culture. I'd say in general people liked to troll gen discers like they unwittingly walked into a biker bar or something. But as for the tribalism, I'd say maybe that showed up more whenever mods would actually come into unmod, and probably came from whatever toxic mf'rs were leading the dance at the time. Then a bunch of other members would just get on board for the drama. I think a lot of the people in unmod didn't even recall that they were on someone else website and forums lol.
  7. Oh yeah, looking back I would definitely agree, though it was entertaining at the time. It was basically a group of teenage edgelords, prehipsters, neckbeards, and weebs. Anyone who had been there awhile would act like you just stumbled upon the roughest and coolest corner of the internet that you weren't prepared for if you just innocuously came here to talk about video games and remixes, lol. But being an edgy teenager at the time it definitely had its charm and appeal. I'd always be excited to get home from school to see what kind of silly stuff or drama was going on lol. I imagine social psychologists could have had a pretty interesting case study on their hands with unmod.
  8. Also, curious. If this album doesn't officially release let us hear it at least, haha
  9. I remember when folks would get ragged on big time for being a gendiscer.
  10. Man, I have a few things to say here lol. First of all I hadn't listened to many tracks before they got approved here, but I should have back in the day. What I do remember is checking out the ocremix competitor at the time everyone used to rag on (definitely can't remember the name and pretty sure it has been gone for awhile.) There were definitely some fun remixes on there, but I definitely appreciate OCR standards. Secondly, anyone remember the peoples remix competition? Shoot, or that's what I was going to ask and then I googled it and apparently it's still a thing? Some of those remixes were my favorite songs back in the day. What I would like to know is, where are all the prx remixes below prc 94? Ironically that's where all my favorites were, though fortunately I still have most of them saved. But cmon, there were some absolute gems in there. Like Sir_NutS Rusty Whip (from Castlevania) and General Slicer's 'Not Bomberman' (I can link them if you all want.) Those songs are some of my absolute favorite remixes of all time, I also love working out to them -- that said, how are they not OCremixes? lol (prc link that show it only goes down to prc94 for some reason https://compo.thasauce.net/compos/view/PRC ) Anyhow, lastly, but not leastly, you were talking Terran theme remixes being some of the best possible things to grace the earth. While I can see why the one you posted isn't up to OCR standards even though its alright -- I do agree regarding Terran remixes/covers. I looked far and wide awhile back and there are a couple remixes/covers that blew me out of that water. Hope you guys will be glad to hear them, and maybe someone will be inspired to make a 'true remix' of Terran 2 (or any of them really, but I think we all love Terran 2.) One bonus because this Terran 3 cover is so damn good as well
  11. I could write a book on how legit OCR is, but I'll just say that I can recall countless fond memories and songs that I can't imagine growing up without for the over 20 years since I found this place. That's how you know what DJP built here is so special. Nice to see some other former unmodders here as well, hah. But yeah, definitely always loyal to this place and the legacy it represents. I'm glad it's in the very capable hands of DarkeSword ? But yeah, DJP is the man and crafted this gem since the internet was mostly just a fun a place to hang out, do what you want, and build what felt right in your soul. Much love.
  12. Good to see ya! Personally I think it looks endearing now (I thought it looked super modern back then, especially compared to what came before it lol.) I'd personally delete discord and social media from history and have them look like that to have forums back in style. Or perhaps just to go back in time to when they were. Remember when join date and post count were the ultimate status symbols? lol. That part was a bit silly, but still way better than modern social media.
  13. Lol just found this screenshot I took from the good ol unmod days. Also randomly reminds me that I even began using firefox because of an ocr thread and still do to this day (probably even long before this -- this was early 2007 I think.) I remember back when firefox came out and it was a big deal and tabbed browsing was a huge breakthrough. I always wondered what it was going to be like when us internet generation folks got older -- how could stuff on the internet seem old? We still don't have this though so tech hasn't really progressed much
  14. Hope you're doing well Gario! Also, I hope that this comes out eventually haha -- Lufia 2 had one of the best RPG soundtracks around. I'd love to replay the game eventually too.
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