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  1. I can no longer listen to the original song without singing to myself the lyrics of Rivera's remix. They're just that good, not to mention the singing which is also superb. One of my all-time favourite remixes.
  2. Sheesh, this mix rocks my socks. I love the touch on sid in the mix. Both remixers' influence on this can be heard, I think, and they're both brilliant. Excellent composition and production and all around great package.
  3. When I'm concentrating on other things, 2:40 always wakes me up to ask "What on earth am I listening?" This song is a mindblower.
  4. I had been occasionally visiting this site for a couple years until maybe half a year ago when I started playing an instrument myself. Only then did I learn to appreciate the brilliant talent a lot of the remixers here have. Big thanks to all the artists here. Your work does not go unnoticed.