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  1. I have been waiting for a long time for a project like this! So glad it's finally happening!
  2. Hey guys, At Capcom Unity I'm known as T. Lang - and as far as I've known about Street Fighter II, I've ALWAYS loved the music! When I was in elementary school I used to hum all the songs I could think of because even then they were orchestrated so well. And throughout the course of the many SFII albums I've heard, the OCRemixes have done nothing abut absolute justice to the original stuff! Honestly, after listening to the soundtrack over the course of the week I actually can't say that there is a better SFII soundtrack! Not even the 3DO versions music (which was the best before OCRemix ca
  3. An awesome improvement over something that I thought didn't need improvement! Simply AH-SUM!!!! Any way I can download it, and Power Made Flesh 2?
  4. If you feel that it fits then great - maybe it'll grow on me over time. But hearing rap on Vega's stage just seems kinda odd still. Wasn't really out to annoy or offend anyone. Just sharing my opinion. BTW, I'm definitely not a hip-hop hater - I did mention that I have the stuff on my iPod, after all...
  5. Long time listener - first time... writer! I've just gotta say that I really love all the tracks on Blood on the Asphalt! I love 'em so much that I've programmed most of them into ST on my computer. Keep up the awesome work! I've mentioned this on Capcom's blog and I think it'd be appropriate here as well. Jose, if you're reading I just wanna let you know that your remixes are great - they're even on my iPod. But if you could put some "Latin" stuff on Vega's stage that'd be great!
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