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  1. That was anothing guess. Nothing special, for sure. I've got a ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series Secondary. 128MB.
  2. OK, so, I just opened the game, printed the screen, made the image, Tabbed back into the game, AND EVERYTHING WAS NORMAL. O_O SO, I don't know if this'll happen again or not, but here is the picture...
  3. Hey, I didn't see any other posts with this issue (unfortunately), but I've just started playing Half-Life 2: Episode Two with the recommended (asterisked) video settings. Everything was fine while I was playing until I got into the tunnel near the beginning of the game, and I noticed it was very bright. I figured immediately something was wrong. I tried messing with some of the video settings (turning them down some), but nothing helped. Basically, half of the textures are regular terrain, model, atmosphere textures and half are bright white with some blues and yellows and reds. Some buildings, ground, ceilings are all this strange texture that I can't seem to correct. Only some terrain/structural textures seem to be affected. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? I've been looking around for a while, and nothing I've seen has looked like this scenario. I appreciate it!
  4. I am trying to connect to the internet at home after being at college. I hooked up my router to our network, and the computer at home can connect to the internet via the router. Yet my computer cannot. I used CMD and >ipconfig, and that told me my Connection-specific DNS Suffix was v124.malone.int for MY computer, but the home computer's Connection-specific DNS Suffix was gateway.2wire.net. So, how can I change mine to gateway.2wire.net?
  5. Well, before I go any further, the system restore my father did had brought back MS Office Small Business Edition 2003, but the installer still pops up. He does not have the disc to reinstall Office 2003, but he has an XP Professional disc. Should I use the Windows Install Clean Up to uninstall Office? All we want is for this installer to go away. We don't mind keeping Office. Also, I don't know what registry keys are or what to do with them.
  6. I'm not on his computer right now, so I will reply again once I have worked on his computer. The installer says just what I wrote it says: "Preparing to install..." And the title (title in the blue bar) is just Windows Installer. Other than that, I need to wait until I can get on his computer. Thanks, Katsurugi, if all else fails, I'll give that a go.
  7. So my father removed/uninstalled Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 from his computer a few days ago. After that everytime he tried to open any program, the Windows Installer pops up and says "Preparing to intstall..." So, he waits a while, and nothing happens. He hits cancel, but it takes a long time for the installer to close. Thusly, he performed a system restore, and it still won't go away. Any ideas on how to make the installer stop opening? I googled and found something called "Windows Install Clean Up," but that didn't work. I'm just not sure what the source of the problem is. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I want to buy a quality CD turntable, but I am not sure what to get. I'd like to stay below the $200 mark if at all possible, but I might be willing to go $300. I've been looking around, and there are loads of players. I am basically just asking for some experienced advice on a few quality choices. I'm not exactly looking to scratch, but that'd be a nice feature.
  9. When I open it in the FL Studio 6 Demo, there is no song in the Playlist. All of the Patterns are fine, though. What have I done? o_o;
  10. That is probably the case, but I tried editing my firewall and even disabling it. I have Norton Protection Center, and it's pretty controlling. I've managed to get by with it, but like I said, even disabling it, he can't get through. Maybe I'll try that guest account/username nonsense. Edit: My computer has a wired connection to the wireless router while his laptop is connected wirelessly.
  11. Okay, I'll reopen it because the problem wasn't actually resolved. However, I will take it in a slightly different direction. My roommate cannot connect to my computer, but I can connect to his. My desktop PC is the XP, and his laptop is Vista. Here is the message that pops up when he tries to connect to my computer: "(My computer name) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer." Our network workgroup names are the same, and, like I said, I can connect to his computer. Is there something I have to do on my computer to grant him access?
  12. Okay, I did find a solution to my question. I don't see a way to delete this, so just let it die out, I guess.
  13. I saw this music video, like, two years back. It was for some techno song, I think. There was this guy just living his life, but then he gets chased by this machine that escaped from a factory. I think the machine, like, worked on cars or something. It had one big arm as, like, the head. Anyways, if that sounds familiar, please help me out. If not, bummer.
  14. I dug that game. I never finished it, but it was pretty interesting. I think the game tried to show off the graphics and capabilities of the Gamecube more than be a good game, though. It's been years since I've played it, so I don't recall the music...
  15. Thanks, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the case. iTunes uses m4a files, and I am trying to load mp3 files. I have tried quite a few files, and none of them are loaded (even ones from CDs). I am just going to try another movie making program. I appreciate the advice, though.
  16. ...Because I don't care enough to get something better... Anywho, I just tried using WMM because I made an AMV last summer. It was fun; therefore, I figured I'd do another. However, I cannot import music. Every time I try to import a music file, it says that the file is not valid or is corrupt. I can play the song file in Windows Media Player, though... Does anybody know of a site I can visit to help? Or do you know what the issue might be? I tried going to Microsoft.com (which I am still browsing), but as of yet, I have nothing.
  17. I'm basically just posting this because Zen's post was a day short of exactly a year since the post before his. And I absolutely love this song in it's entirety. Very cool.
  18. Wow... I've been given an ENTIRELY new appreciation for this song... I used to hate that anoying sound in the background in the game. But this... o_o; *tears well up* Thank you...
  19. I didn't plan on coming back here darn it... Well, what VSTi's would you suggest I get? I grabbed that Crystal thing. That kicks some arse, but anything else that's really good? Thanks, ...ƒreid
  20. Dude, it's totally FL related. Some fonts don't work on this dumb thing. Need specifics. Thanks for nothing, ...ƒreid
  21. Anyone know where I can grab a pack of free trance (or electronica related) soundfonts? Preferably ZIPed and under 10MB. Thanks, ...ƒreid I'm using it in FL Studio (4.0 I believe...).
  22. Anyone know where I can grab a pack of free trance (or electronica related) soundfonts? Preferably ZIPed and under 10MB. Thanks, ...ƒreid EDIT: I'm using it in FL Studio (4.0 I believe...).
  23. Very interesting, guys... But I tried DLing it and putting it in where Xel said. (I think he said it... Oh well...) Regardless, it's working now. Damn, that Crystal thingy is sweet!
  24. When you say "you want to download zips with dll files in them and have vst or dx rating on them" does it say DLL under Sample Formats? So far I don't see anything that says DLL, how do I tell which have it and which don't? (Gotta love the n00bs... ) ...ƒreid~ EDIT: Does the file have to be a DLL? Or can it be those sf2's and whatnot?
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