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  1. I went to a site called kvr-vst.com. How do I add the FXB files to Fruity Loops? I tried to just stick the file in the folder (Sample\Channel Presets\3x Osc), but it didn't show up in Fruity Loops. (This is my first time attempting to add new instruments as you may have guessed...) Thanks, ...ƒreid~ P.S.-What I'm really asking is, how do I add sound files/instruments into Fruity Loops, and what kind of files do they have to be?
  2. I liked the mix, it's prolly about what I caould do if I had the full version of Fruity Loops... (expensive shizzles...I'm so poor...) The thing that struck me was the ending. I liked that short prelude thing. 6.5/10 didn't stick to me, but nothing bad in the piece.
  3. Pretty sweet. Love the intro. I like that come back at around 3:20. Although this mix isn't one of my favorites, it was extremely well put together. Good Job!
  4. Thanks a lot! That really helps. I have to play around with it to really understand how to work with it, but thanks!
  5. Cool, but how does one make the knob turn (like, automatically). I've seen the example tracks and some of, no, a lot of their knobs are constantly turning. How do they do that? I must once again remind u of my FL impared mind. Thanks in advance (and to your other replies).
  6. I looked, and I didn't find one. There is no "Peak Controller" catagory or whatever, so I looked under what I thought were related topics and couldn't find it. What is it under? Now, How do I make a sliding effect on my instruments (or generators)? P.S.-Thanks for telling me what a generator is.
  7. I just DLed the Demo version of Fruity Loops 3 today and I need help on a LOT. But for now, I'll only go a little at a time... First off, what is a generator. Meaning, how do I use it, what is it for and the like... I know that it has something to do with channels or they're channels or something, but what are they used for?... Second, how do I use Peak Controllers? Same as the Generators...How do I use them, what are they for? (I know that they are used to change the quality or the sound of an instrument or something...) See how sad this is? I would appreciate any help I can get. Any help that you can give me! PLZ, I am considering purchasing the Fruity Loops 3 program, but I would like to know how to use it! P.S.-I know that you can't save with the demo, but I want to get a feel for the program. Maybe even His Highness DJP could help out with the basics, and that's all it really is that I need...The basics of FL... Thanks in advance if this post gets an answer!
  8. Very very nice... The beginning was a good way to start. As soon as the geetar kicks in I'm dancing inside my head. Then it breaks off into a -tar solo...ooooooooooooooooooo... Then the voices are a nice affect in the background...then comes GEETAR IN FULL FORCE. Now a break for some interesting stab orchs... A well placed break... Solo key action, beats, nice distorted voice bckgrnd. Then a bit further up there's some pretty nice piano fading out... The fading pretty much worked for this song, but I don't recomend it for many others. I really liked the -lectric -tar. And just the fact that its got a good 4/4 beat makes it fun fo- me. I woouldn't say that this is a full-bred techno track, more like a rock/hardcore/techno mix. Very well put together. I don't know if you could have done more with this song...but what you did do was pretty cool. Official Zellus Mobilus Radikal Scale© >------o---< 7.5/10 7.5
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