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  1. Chrono Trigger, for sure. Main character: Pro: save the world, marry a legit princess, control elements with magic, Time travel with a kick-ass team to awesome places(zeal, Prehistoric times, destroyed future, medieval times, etc). Health is easily restored with rest, magic, or liquids. New Game + (but it might get boring at some point) Con: you have Sacrifice yourself and die by being literally obliterated and having to be revived. Hungry often in the future, lots of Pain from cuts and damage taken. NPC: Pro: as long as I was in 1000 AD, that would be fine with me. they
  2. I think people don't know what they want... they want something different, otherwise they complain at everything being "the same" like CoD and Madden franchises. but when something different happens everyone loses their shit and become experts on why this new thing not good enough or too different to be good. to me, it's seems like a loud group of people are reacting as if Robin Williams was casts as Batman AND Superman. He looks like Batman/Bruce Wayne, he has a strong chin for the cowl. So ALL I care about his his god-damn "batman voice" that's the deal breaker, if they can make Elijah W
  3. Yeah, same here, there is definitely a change but different people are going to have different chemistry. I'm enjoying SMB2 although this new season of Game Grumps might have a few less GG (f)animated clips. way more swearing with Dan. I don't mind at all seeing that's how I think/talk but some might. It's good to see them play the game well, I was really frustrated watching when they didn't even take time to read instructions for Mario Golf. That's a fun game if you know how to play or how to read the meters. But overall, I'm mostly surprised that it was Jon who left the show and not Arin.
  4. GameGrumps is the only "let's play" I watch. I found out about Game Grumps after following Arin's animation as Egoraptor on newgrounds. I watched all of JonTron's videos after finding out about him from discovering Game Grumps. I found them great and thought they were well done, I would like more. Game Grumps is not a company, the fans aren't paying for it. I just can't believe how much demanding there is of people that have been giving away free entertainment for years by the people who have been entertained. It boggles my mind that "fans" feel so entitled that they try to boss the artists
  5. Since this topic is hilarious I decided to do some quick google pricing. forgive me if i'm off but all of these are based on prices I saw. Here's what to do with 600 dollars. xbox one, a controller, and a game. high quality Bowling Ball and Bowling shoes ($150) and 90 games @ $5/game Compound bow ($500) plus 2 dozen arrows Playstation 4, controller, 3 games. Boxing Gloves ($80) 8 hours of training at $60/hour. Kayak ($500) plus 3 Paddles ($30 ea) 8 person Tent ($600) 75 months of stream only Netflix iPad with Retina display 32GB ($599) Assembled Printrbot jr 3D printer ($499) plu
  6. why would Namco have a rep in Smash Brothers? Pac-man didn't start on the NES or SNES like Megaman did... oh it's being partially developed by them... well still. maybe that I highly doubt Puck-Man will be there seeing how the creator is downplaying 3rd party characters and talking about how the 3ds will have the same roster. Maybe we we have a lowered character count? If there has to be a Namco character, I'd like Dig Dug or Mr. Driller. The actual battle footage looks a bit faster paced than brawl and seeing how tripping is out, I am hoping for Melee speed with tweaks to keep the more anno
  7. trying to justify why characters in smash is sort of rediculous. maybe you were talking about 3rd party characters only but if Game and Watch, Rob, Ice Climbers were put in after years of nothing, then anything goes. One thing I would love to see off my wishlist would be: contextual aesthetic battle damage. as your percentage increases so does the character's bruises, black eyes, torn shirts. so that way there's a visible difference between a fighter with 278% and one with 10%. there might have been alusion to this with mega's trailer but I do think so. I feel it's not going to happen tho,
  8. yeah the extended gameplay trailer sold me as well. I'm looking to WFtrainer to be one of my faves. Ganondorf and Ness were my melee picks. I never owned brawl or a wii for that matter but this SSB has reignited my Nintendo fandom. who do you want to see or gone in the next game? I would love to see B.o.B from the SNES Game of the same name but that's wishful thinking... maybe Paper Mario?? I don't know.
  9. I'm in the same boat, was an xbox and xbox live guy from the first xbox but now... I'm rethinking my next purchase. although Wii U might pull ahead for me. PlayStation exclusives have never really interested me and I love Nintendo's main 3 but I guess what it really boils down to what my friends play because I'm a social gamer. unless fallout 4 get announced. That's a trump card for any system.
  10. I agree... there are going to be some positives to the always online and installed game. as for the higher price point... It's now the Xbros time to have that elitist and condescending attitude to other gamers. it's the "oh! well, if you can't pay 500 bucks for your hobby, then go do something else" mentality. seriously, it's like a console had a three way with a PC and your cable box, the problem is you can't have every way. why keep physical disks if every game needs to be installed and verified?
  11. I hoping to hear a price drop announced. they seem to be "relocating" their 8gb Wii U... maybe. I think the two things that would win me over for my next purchase would be a price drop and a firmware update to allow multiple touch screens on one Wii U. they don't have that yet, do they?
  12. hmmm.... I used to be a die hard Nintendo fan. all the way up to the GCN. I loved Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Smash Bros, Mario stuff (Sunshine, Kart, etc),... hmm... ran out of stuff. I couldn't get into metroid or much else. So I went to xbox because of online multiplayer and cool games at that point i was just starting high school and all my friends had one. LAN parties were great. now after owning a 360 and ignoring the Wii completely, I'm looking back at the WiiU due to xbox one and PS4 reveals. the Wii U might be might next purchase only if these first party exclusives are ama
  13. My last name is Fure (pronounced like Fury) so, as soon as I truly got online, I went with FuriousFure and tried to stake claim as FuriousFure in as many parts of the internet I could. E-mail, Xbox, photo sharing sites, anything. the reaction turned out to be that people think I don't know how to spell Fury or Fire correctly or just pronounce it as if it rhymed with "sure" I plan to change it legally into Fury when I get married next year.
  14. Alright, again this isn't really the artistic "movie poster" videogame art that's the trend but I think this artist, Orioto, effectively captures the beauty of the games themselves. btw it was very hard to track his artwork down to him. people don't like crediting original artist it seems... :/ http://orioto.deviantart.com/ http://orioto.deviantart.com/gallery/6943610 seriously, even if you merely want cool desktop pics or to be nostalgic. check him out. I would love to and plan to make some of these into framed prints.
  15. Zac Gorman http://magicalgametime.com He sells some of his stuff on fangamer but his stuff is high quality and worthy of being framed.
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