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  1. i've seen them live twice asshole and they can play their shit that having been said, they are totally overrated by pretty much every non musician that's ever listened to them, and because of that they catch alot of hate from the people that do know what they are talking about but really they are a decent band not the greatest but they are decent
  2. i would but i have no working gamecube remotes atm also for real listen to sinergy it's just like children of bodom but with a woman singer, alexi laiho and his rhythm guitarist (Roope?) from cob are in it
  3. hey atma i like dragonforce wanna fight about it
  4. Oh man look at this non tech camp fest This game doesn't take any skill at all to play just like brawl, and I'm sure no one will play it in tournaments for over 10 years and I'm pretty sure it won't single handedly invent fighting game tournaments. Sarcasm aside, Street Fighter 2 is based around spacing and mindgames, and not so much on "technical" (aka execution heavy) stuff like the v-ism bullshit that would plague Alpha 3 or Yun in SF3. Are you gonna sit here and tell me there is less of a gap between people who are good in Street Fighter 2 than in Street Fighter Alpha 3 because Street Fighter 2 doesn't have crouch cancel infinites?
  5. This infuriates me like no other, how exactly is it that the cap between noob and pro is vastly smaller? Please don't insult me by saying "OH THE WAVEDASHING WAS TAKIN OUT DERRR" because I will cut you. You wanna know why the people with the mindgames and spacing don't win consistantly like they did in Melee? Because they aren't fucking playing Melee. The whole "its unsafe to attack thing so you have to camp" means precisely dick. Third strike is played competitively and it's much more unsafe to attack in it because parry is an easy offensive counter that beats out all attacks. But guess what? You still see people like Daigo win consistently.
  6. Oh Shit Son Fuckin Sick Burn All Up On Your Face
  7. i don't think olimar is that cheap, i just think most of us happen to suck dick at this game the point still stands, ganon is a terrible terrible character
  8. please son just because gt is better than me does not mean that Ganon is a good character, besides he has to switch to a different character to say beat atma's olimar
  9. naw son, try playing ganondorf i dare you, then come back to me and tell me how well balanced brawl is brawl is gonna have just as rigid tiers as any other fighting game, it's no super turbo or guilty gear
  10. Dude, you know Rainbow Cruise is hella rad and Flatzone is bullshit, in your heart YOU KNOW IT.
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