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  1. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo has been played in tournaments and had a scene the entire 14 or so years it's been out, so yeah some of the guys you played very well could have been playing competetively for 14 years.
  2. I've heard a lot of people talk about how bad these brawl players are for relying so much on wavedashing that they hacked it back in the game but it really is less about neededing l-canceling and wavedashing to be good and more about making the game actually fun. Went to a tournament on saturday with 64 or so people and I got rocked . Honestly I don't know what happened. 1: Inui ($469.00) - MetaKnight 2: Forward ($134.00) - Snake/Pit 3: AlphaZealot ($67.00) - Diddy Kong 4: Dook - Snake/Lucario 5: Joey Fury - Snake 5: Quivo - Toon Link 7: Coma - Diddy Kong 7: Black Guile - Marth 9: Delta Punk 9: Sonic the Hedgedawg 9: McWooty - Fox 9: Tyr ... 49.me :C :C :C The people in bold are who I went to the tournament with and the last two local tournaments we went to I put Black Guile out and we both practiced the same amount for this tournament (not at all), so the only thing I can think of is to go back to playing Falco cause Game and Watch worked out roughly zero percent good for me.
  3. a really big rock that requires two people to lift and then throw
  4. a big rock you have to hold in two hands you can't really throw it very far but it does a lot of damage or you just hit people with it
  5. yeah and you only had to do that every single attack
  6. a fist sized rock you just throw it at people and it hurts and stuff
  7. hes banned for a week which is like a year in internet time
  8. sorry guys djp decided that fuck the fan art competition, everyone go home it's canceled for this month maybe next month he'll allow it but doubtful
  9. atmuh you dickhole YOU RUIN EVERYTHING I WANNA USE UNICODE IN THE OCREMIX CHAT BUT I CANT ITS YOUR FAULT make like a tree and set yourself on fire
  10. i am offended that you would apologize for a thread you knew in your heart was meant to be harmless man up and be proud of your threads
  11. the doom 2 double shotgun i know it was in doom 2 but it should be in more games
  12. i beat culturekoi 3-1 charlie was holding strong but then he slipped :C zangief the siberian express death from above brought that shit like ivan drago
  13. Naw I haven't played on GGPO or 2dfreeplay too much due to port forwarding related sadness. :C also if we played garou i guarantee i could body some people with gato edit:also play me you fuckers
  14. yeah all i know how to do is splash with gief and pretend charlie is guile from sf2 so the character thing doesn't bother me but if someone actually learned one character they might be a little salty that they can't use them all the rounds
  15. also just an fyi the emulator nFBA and p2p kalleria rocks mad tits, go here and grab kalleriaclient.dll and nfbadtr9u1.exe if you want to run with the big dogs
  16. also i'm going to tell everyone to listen to sinergy
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