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  1. Also, any beautiful remixes you guys have, please share with me or submit so I can reblog!
  2. Hey guys, Ive been around the community for a while posting. I thought I would share with you guys my new project. It's called The Beauty in My Life Project, and is a tumblr, webpage, and twitter all dedicated to the beauty in every day life. I hope to leave it behind one day as a testament to all the things I found beautiful. I am also releasing an Ebook of poetry linked together with the sites, and half of all revenue will go toward helping people and creating beauty. If any of you guys are interested, I'd love to follow/reblog any of your stuff. If you guys are interested in sharing as well, by all means let me know. thebeautyinmylifeproject.tumblr.com Twitter name: WeGoDayByDay
  3. Hey Mr. Pretzel, I've been around for years under a few names, and I have a pretty good free way to raise some money for the site. I was interested to know - if you're interested?

  4. The not voting was me. I'm so sorry . Anyone want a crit as an apology?
  5. The Arc of Heaven - We met under a moonlit field, Somewhere under the arc of heaven We embraced, our restful reunion And our pace slowed with the other. And we lay in the field of flowers And we lay together, now we are Under the aurora of tenuous fate Against a sight of unbarred sky. But they will shift, and they will shift All these subtle sights of november skies And we will choose, and will chase Each other, you and I.
  6. Hey guys, I just picked up Live as well. I should be on fairly often, the live name is ForMyNakama
  7. I'm in nanowrimo, I'm at 8.5k My story is really good We should all share if we win
  8. God, I can't wait for November . It'll be the incentive for me to finish my story.
  9. Can I sign up in this thread? I can't seem to post on the other one.
  10. The lyrics are fantastic, and they really make the song IMO. My favorite lines are the chorus, really. it perfectly conjures up images of a western shootout, it is truly fantastic. "We're gonna draw, In this town, I am the law. Is what they say true? Does death wear blue? Can he fall?" It's so fatalistic, quick man is almost a hero. Megaman has killed his brothers and is coming to fuck up his town and he's fucking ready to try and take him down, but he knows that he's fighting death really, he's fighting against his fate, and he falls. The implications are fucking delicious and quick man is a fucking hero for trying.
  11. Hey,

    3 for Banjo

    2 for Crossing Paths

    1 for Prologue


  12. hey guys, is there a list of players or summat? my name is corbeau, and my identifier is 805 I believe
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