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  1. Ok I'm just really dumb, found out how to change the prefix....I feel like I'm talking to myself now lol!
  2. Well, don't know how to update to "Finished" but yea.......
  3. Hey Everyone, one step closer to finishing this. Thoughts?
  4. Hey Everyone, I finally got around to working on this again (finally got my little home studio setup!!) and changed a bunch of things but still have some work to do on this but I think it is coming along nicely. I'm having way too much fun doing this!!
  5. Hey thanks!!! Yea, I've been finding things here and there that I have been tweaking but great feedback nonetheless!! I really appreciate that! Hopefully I can submit it soon and there will be a permanent download link to the final product! Ill try and post an updated version soon.
  6. Check it out!! I really like how this came out!
  7. I really like this (and not because MM4 is my favorite megaman game) but I like the arrangement and how you approached this. The transitions blend well, I like bass so naturally I'm going to like that. But rhythm (drums) seems to be a little linear throughout the piece. It does work though, because I'm not just going to focus on the drums throughout the piece. As a whole I really like this. Good Job!!
  8. Nice and mellow, I like that. I agree with Jean 100%. Some more ideas though. To make things more interesting, you could move up or down a half step for the solo section. Like Jean said, use the rhythm section to your advantage. Example: when appropriate, the rhythm section could play double time and the improviser could react to that change. Even drop everything for a while and just have vibes playing. Slowly bring in everything again. Listen to some jazz albums to get more ideas. Isn't jazz just the greatest!
  9. Finally got around to working on this a little more. That's excellent that it appears to be coming along well. I'm really excited to work on this! First, dynamics and mixing of course need to be worked on, but that will be later when the arrangement is hopefully really close to being done. Second, there are parts in there that nothing really is happening which I may just cut out entirely or think of something to transition into. Haven't decided yet Almost forgot....there may be some rhythmic inconsistencies or harmonic inconsistencies also which are noted (just lazy at this point but will be corrected!) What do you guys think? Suggestions/opinions? Thanks!!
  10. I grew with this game!!! I may have to look into doing stage 2/6-city/airship. I already have plans....
  11. WIP 3: A little more progress, slow but steady.
  12. Oh I completely agree with you. Again I'm just in the composition and arranging phase of things. I still have a lot to do with the sounds. On the other hand, you gave me more insight on what I should (and shouldn't) do. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. WIP 2: Alright a little more progress, I think the structure of the song has been completed. Just trying out some things to see if I like them or not etc.
  14. WIP 1: Hey guys, I wanted to share this WIP with you. Please understand I'm still in the composition and arranging part of things and many aspects may be off (timing, dynamics, repetition, holes in the song, etc.) Hope you guys like this sample!!
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