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  1. I've either donated or sold everything that I had in that giant stagnant list I posted like a month or two ago. That'll free up a little first post space, proph.
  2. What this man said. I also agree with the statement about Streets of Rage Remake. The next version they're coming out with for it looks to be practically orgasmic.
  3. Merry Christmas to everyone from (probably the only guy here in) Maine, where it was 45 degrees F outside and rained all Christmas Eve night.
  4. I exchanged video game gifts with a friend in Canada. He surprised me by buying me The Lost Vikings for the SNES, so I sent him a PS1 copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. That's all I did for gifts this year though.
  5. I liked it. Gave me the whole "mellow, chilling and smoking" vibe, which was really nice. I'm also fighting off a yawn because of said vibe. Only thing I wish the mix contained was more of it, since I feel that just two minutes of this stuff wasn't enough. Still, there's a repeat button for a reason.
  6. I'm not musically-inclined enough to give a detailed review, but from a listener's standpoint, I liked it a lot. Especially that eggshaker, man.
  7. Updated my post. Added: Mega Man ZX (NDS) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS1) Removed: 9 Star Wars books (too lazy to list them)
  8. prophet, I went ahead and edited my book post to also include the games I'm selling. That should free up a bit of space in the main post for you.
  9. Whole bunch of stuff from just about every genre except that harlequin romance stuff. I'll get a list typed up and posted by tonight.
  10. Whenever you get a chance to update prophet, I've traded a copy of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) and the Phantasy Star Collection (GBA), and I'm removing the Street Fighter II (SNES), so once you're able to, please take them down. This thread isn't just for video games, right? Because I've got a full bookshelf full of books that I'm looking to sell for cheap.
  11. Thanks for the work so far, Prophet. Appreciate the task you're doing for all of us. I sig'd it as well.
  12. I'm a major addict for anything in the Darius series of shmups, but the latest one I've been playing is Ikaruga. It's fun, but I find myself not liking it as much as say Darius Twin, or U.N. Squadron.
  13. If PETA was trying to influence me in any way with their views, they failed hard with this game. I'm enjoying myself way too much to care about anything PETA cares about. They went really over the top with it too.
  14. Putting up two more games for sale: PS1 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - $25 + S&H, GH, two available [sobou] Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - $2 + S&H, game only [sobou] I'm also taking off Sonic Spinball and Battletoads.
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