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  1. Thanks. I'm actually searching for the song that is played when you are on the airship in the Dark World. I'm trying to learn the bass line so I can play it on my bass.
  2. Can anybody give me a song list and what games they are from? I'm looking for a specific song from FFVII and FFIII. Thanks.
  3. To take such a familiar song and to have the stones to put lyrics to it, bravo. It just flowed and not once did I forget that I was listening to a VG song. Great mixture, I'm gonna check out the rest of your stuff.
  4. Instead of making it more powerful, like most of the other remixes (no disrespect, love them too), this one has a nice hypnotic feeling to it. Definitely going into my chill-out mix. Great job!
  5. Great remix! As a life long fan of MM2 music, you guys do it justice. Just enough chaos to be highly enjoyable.
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