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    I am DJ at the Final Fantasy radio that I started in 2007. I have promoted and even done a few live concerts of the OCRemix cd's that have been produced for Square games. Even had some of the remixers on the show one night.
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    Gene Sharrard
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    DJ at Radio
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  1. Well the one I remember as first RPG I loved was "Legend of Dragon". But truth be known the first video "console" game I owned was the yellow Pong console hooked to my Magnavox Console TV. I truly was cool then..
  2. One of my more favorite tracks from the old school series. If you dont mind I would like to add to the playlist at radio. Not sure if this is part of the collection here yet but it really is good version from some of the others I have. Keep up the Square love
  3. Hope some of you heard the show. We had 150+ listeners live on the radio when we broadcast the two cd's. It was well liked.
  4. Happy Birthday Chrono Trigger !! I had totally forget to post there here. Final Fantasy Radio is broadcasting your Chrono Symphonic live now in full with video feed on two tv stations. Thank you guys from some great music and hope many more people find your great work. http://www.FinalFantasyRadio.com >> the music only http://www.justin.tv/tebian >>> the video of the music with game clips If you miss it now we are doing again later today.
  5. Just wanted to say great job on the new work guys. I have been playing it all day at the radio and sent out notice to our fan clubs. Limit99 and Avaris your "Quickening" is my new favorite track, its always great to hear you mix it up with the guitar.
  6. My pleasure, it was really fun.

  7. Just wanted to say happy birthday and thanks for the great works. I love to play Golbez'n Goblins at the radio for the FF fans.
  8. Thanks again for stopping in at the show. We still talk about that night.

  9. Thanks to Limit99, Nitritious and OA for stopping into the concert last night. We had a great time and really appreciated the commentary. Tonight we should have all our FaceBook fan club in there and hope you all well come to enjoy chat at 8pm Eastern. To the artist of the CD the music was well received by my listeners. We averaged about 80 listeners on the radio streams and 20 people in the TV chat room over the 3 hours. Thank you all again for some great music and I hope I showcase more of you work here on Final Fantasy Radio.
  10. Oops i was afraid i might have posted that wrong here too. We are doing two shows on Friday "July 31st" and then on Saturday August 1st, this was setup so if you cant do one we would have that 2nd show. Sorry about the mix on the dates.Really hope to see you all come out one of the nights.I have made a shout out box for all to add there words of wisdom to the http://events.finalfantasyradio.com. Please leave a note to the audience if your part of the project. Anyone else of course who wants to post there is more then welcome to add information or notes or even url's of projects they are doing. I thought it would be another good way for the Final Fantasy community that listen to the station to meet Overclocked Remix. I am sure our audience tonight would like to hear from the masters of remix.
  11. I thought that I saw something incorrect. In your event post for the FF4 live radio show, you have the dates wrong: this friday is July 31st, and Saturday is August 1st. You should probably clear up whether you meant Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and sunday :)

  12. Well I thought I would post this here and hope its ok with you all. I had got the go ahead to play this CD live on our radio from DJPretzel last week (congrates on your wedding). Friday, Aug 1st 8pm Est we will be broadcasting the whole set of music in a "live concert". I thought you all might want to listen in or join the chat at the our TV stream. I hope to have the game up at same time on the video stream and make it a small but fun event to show off this great work. The radio has a few streams including PSP for those who just want to listen. This is the Event Page for the www.FinalFantasyRadio.com I have setup and our Facebook fan club plus a few other station fan groups around the world have been notified. Hope this helps to spread the news more about your great music here and the members who make up the OC Remix community. Keep up the great works here and thanks for the music.
  13. Love the remix that the thread is about you guys really do amazing things with the music. I am just dj but love to hear the in depth discussion of one song and how you come to make it into the final mix. Man, this composition on the piano is truly some great work. I have yet to hear people actually take some time to solo out this in traditional style and you did great job. Would mind if I down load for the radio a few of your works phyrgian from that site you noted ?
  14. totally great way to start my morning, genius on the mix of the two sir
  15. thanks that just what i needed
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