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  1. "Illegal" and "gray area" are not the best descriptors.

    Building off of what ACO said, and in layman terms (read: not a lawyer), owners of copyrighted material retain distribution rights and are allowed to issue C&Ds to any (non- "fair use") distribution of derivative material that isn't explicitly authorized. [Damages can be awarded in cases of for-profit distribution or when the value of copyrighted material is somehow harmed by the distribution.] But, while owners are completely within their right to pursue legal action, but law is irrelevant if things don't progress to that point. That is to say that it comes down to 'fan' intent and to what most benefits the owners first and foremost, which is what several people have been driving at and which is why OCR is fine. So if everybody's cool, there isn't anything illegal going on.

    Also, while it hasn't been used here, I've seen fair use as a defense for fan works. I find this puzzling since it doesn't apply in the least.

    Please correct me if I got something wrong.

  2. Still need to watch Berserk.

    Elfen Lied is one of my favorite animes, but it's like Madoka in the respect that it's emotional porn. Agreed that some of the dub voice-acting was bad (the cousins in particular), but Lucy and Nana at least were well-done. There's definitely gore and nudity, which I can see being distasteful, but I thought it was purposeful. Plenty of reasons to dislike it I suppose, but it's far from terrible.

  3. MX: stop grading things based upon how much other people liked them.

    EC: you expected it to be something completely different than how it advertised itself? Perhaps you should be more surprised in your disappointment.

    freeshrugs I guess. I thought PSG was nice for disgusting, low-brow humor.

    Going to have to check out Mushi-Shi.

    Bunny Drop (Usagi Drop) was pleasant. Was mentioned a few months ago in this thread (thanks Graycascade): single guy's life changes as he starts caring for the child of a deceased relative; show progresses with their interactions. Simple themes, a slow pace, a little heartwarming... probably not everyone's bag, but I enjoyed it. Though I think the timing was perfect for me to appreciate the subject matter; I doubt that even two years ago some of the things would have resonated with me as much they did just a month ago. On the other hand, there were several times I felt like it was on the cusp of being poignant but never quite got there. Although that very well could have been intentional, since it was a story about normal people in more-or-less everyday circumstances, and a plain conveyance suits that better than over-dramatization, at least. Prevents it from being great, I think, but it's still good and worth watching if the style and subject matter are up your alley.

    Went with Doki subs. Used this to compare and choose.

    Giving Black Lagoon a shot. Not sold on the action or acting thus far, but there seems to be more to Revy so I'm hoping that starts to play out.

    Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure is delightfully twisted and should be watched by everyone who's up on the Touhou universe (esp. characters' abilities). Everyone, that is, who can stomach gore and disturbing imagery. yt:

    ; next ep was always at the top of 'related videos' for me. Extremely slow start: ep1 is meh and it takes until ep4/5 for the series to go beyond simple shock value (which admittedly has its moments), but then plot threads start materializing and it begins descending into irreverent chaos. ep8 is probably the single most brilliant thing that has ever and will ever come of the Touhou fandom. Obviously not a good sales pitch for most, but if you already have a bunch of worthless Touhou knowledge then this show might vindicate some of those hours lost in its acquisition.

    Show isn't finished and there have been multi-month breaks between recent episodes, but it's a satisfying watch as it stands now. That is: it's winding down, so there aren't as many things to anticipate as there were a couple episodes ago. And yeah it isn't exactly an anime, more a comic put to music and in video format, but I figured it close enough to mention. For the one/two people here who might possibly care about this in the least.

  4. Negima: WAY TO RUIN IT no of course that's cool; that was the point of including descriptions.

    Hell, I didn't think anyone would bother, since there are plenty of good reasons to be more than mildly irritated at Touhou; I just felt like making a defense of a small part of it due to thread relevance. Shameless plug not a factor no sir.

    You take that back yana is a goddess among mortals <3

    Absolutely. But that's sexy, not cutesy.

    And you stay away from her she's mine.


    Meh. Only the cutesy and high-pitched vocal nonsense. And all the ones with singers who can't hit notes. Also the tracks with god-awful production and the thousands of straight covers. I suppose just about everything associated with fanon, too.


    Maybe scorched-earth is the way to go after all.

    might simply
    a decent
    to show
    the treasure amidst all the trash.

    (that is...

    , ryu umemoto, post-rock,
    , eeriness, folkish something or another,
    , happy electronic, four-hands piano,
    , 'industrial rock', electro house ish, rock, rhodes+jazz, mmmmm, and house, respectively. all instrumentals. ordered so there's a decent flow between tracks.)

    Always up for accepting and giving recommendations. Alternately: see sig for more.

    Gotta re-dl that celestia zip. Took forever and still borked. Though I might just skip to some of the others on that mp3 game arrangement site since there are already too many squeenix remixes dohoho

  6. On subs, you don't really have much choice - [GotSpeed] are the only group that have released the whole series so far. Fortunately they're decent.

    Oh. Saw a bunch of individual ones on nyaa and figured they might add up to an entire series. But ok then, easy choice. Thanks.

  7. Madoka Magica 2

    Had to do a double-take.

    Re: why-Madoka discussion. It's emotional porn. In that vein, it seems I'll have to check out Clannad at some point.

    I'd like to thank this thread (i.e. Brush) for pointing out Golden Boy. Awesome both as a parody and in itself. So goddamn good.

    OPs... only seen two or three dozen, but of those GitS:SAC's is my favorite. First season. Imagery, foreshadowing, music... teeth... it's the whole package. Honorable mention to Haruhi (first season) for its sickeningly catchy tune.

    Might check out Mirai Nikki... sub recommendations?

  8. I've always had a problem with this one strip: the right door is very clearly the correct choice if you spare even two seconds to think about it.

    Only if both are "...select this door". They could just as easily have different implied endings - if it were "...select this door" for the left and "...select the other door" for the right, then the outcome would be the same.

    I'd expect some sort of trickery like that, anyway.

  9. Tangent incoming. Please ignore if looking for recommendations.

    Ha ha, the less of ZUN's work you actually end up listening to, the better (I feel); if you listen to too much of his work you realize that they all kind of sound the same.

    With regard to some samples, sure. Compositionally, however, there's enough variety for each piece to be distinct. He's not immune from occasionally re-using motifs, but they're just that - motifs - and they usually aren't noticeable since they're in a different context.

    The chief problem with a good number of ZUN's pieces from a compositional (not production [what production?]) standpoint is that there's a good amount of repetitiveness within them (again note: not between them). Stuff like Fall of Fall and Infinite Nightmare have some neat ideas and are enjoyable until you get to the third minute of what should have been a one-minute track. Or Mooned insect with its whopping four unique bars of melody (not including key changes) for fifty seconds. That said, there are still a good number with enough actual writing to remain interesting throughout.

    There are plenty of reasons to criticize or even to have an aversion to his work, but saying everything sounds similar - from a compositional standpoint, anyway - is simply wrong.

    Just like pointing out the games amongst other shmups, it's fair to point out the music amongst other vg soundtracks. "Here's something else you might want to try". That's it, really.

  10. shooter games

    Ikaruga. Ex:


    U.N. Squadron / Area 88. Ex:


    Sky Shark. Most of the soundtrack.

    Everyone should listen to Ikaruga's soundtrack. It's bloody amazing.

    Edit: I just remembered CHz linking

    from Android Assault in irc ages ago. Haven't heard the rest of the soundtrack but hot damn that sax is sexy.

    And sure, what the hell: Subterranean Animism's soundtrack is worthwhile if you can put up with bad samples (although I think they're tolerable by that point in the series [trumpet notwithstanding]).

  11. the manner in which I execute the corrections is steeped in the idea that people will not ever try to change themselves if they don't feel bad about whatever needs the changing - to that effect, nobody will ever put forth the effort to actually be able to read and write competently if nobody stops and calls them a worthless illiterate fuck every once and a while

    Must have felt dirty to have been compelled to explain that.

  12. Surprised by how many people prioritize by game/publisher.

    I listen to mixes by artist first. Yeah, they're taking elements from vgm, which is neat, but the nostalgia boost (liking a specific source) is trivial compared to what the artist does with the source. I'd rather listen to a great artist that's made a bunch of stuff from sources I don't recognize than a good artist who's covered familiar tunes. Plus, that former category motivates me to seek out and listen to the source to see just how disgusting the arrangement is in comparison to the original, so I end up learning the source one way or another (and occasionally discover a fantastic soundtrack or original music to boot).

    I think that's because I got into ocr (edit: and vgmix, rip) about the same time that I started really digging into classical and jazz; it was more that I was sick of vocals than anything else, and most vgm mixes were instrumentals. I think I look at vocalists similarly to how Ted Williams looked at pitchers. Not a perfect parallel, but it'll do. Singer-songwriters that excel in both aspects are the exception, of course.

    Anyway, for me it's about the music, not the game.

    Organizational specifics follow for anyone curious. I used this an excuse to rethink / flesh out some minor organizational points, so that's why I went into this level of detail.

    I organize by hard-drive filing system. I don't do anything else like use media player libraries or tag.

    vgm has its own folder under music; vgm and official arrangement albums go there. Two folders are under that for unofficial arrangements/remixes; one for everything else, one for Touhou.

    Individual tracks... Artist(s) - Title (Source) (Game). Artists, sources ordered by significance of contribution. More than three sources and it becomes "megamix" or "medley", as appropriate.

    Albums (everything else)... Group(s) - Title (Game). Group becomes "OCR" for OCR albums, Artist for individual-mixer albums. Game is omitted for albums that cover several games.

    Albums (Touhou)... Circle(s). Subfolders for albums... yyyymmdd (Convention) Title.

    Tracks within albums are left as-is if there's a file that has has all the info I want. Otherwise it's... ## Title (Source) (Game) (Artist). Game(s) is omitted for single-game albums. ## becomes ### for multi-disk albums. Same rules as before with sources and artists.

    That's only for music that I've listened to, and that's also only how things are supposed to be done. I have subfolders for new music, which collectively amounts to an obnoxious mess, and a nontrivial portion of what I've listened to doesn't get moved (or, with Touhou albums, doesn't get correctly relabled) because I'll get motivated enough to listen but not enough to research and relabel.

  13. My initial reaction to one of the tracks: "Aw man, it's over? That was good - I wish it would have kept going. I wonder who did it. Wait... Arcana? HOLY CRAP that's awesome!"

    Kinda steals my thunder what with you posting right before me, but I still wanted to give props. Nice work!

    Kickass album. I'll have to listen a few more times to really appreciate everything, but off the cuff I can say that I was rocking to it nearly the entire time.

  14. I love you forever


    opinions are currently the best ems for NES, Super NES, TurboGrafX and Sega systems? (If this is a touchy/forbidden question, feel free to ignore me and please limit flames and trolling to a minimum.)

    No it is not taboo but your question was not sufficiently off-topic. Please do better next time.


    haven't tried others as ZSNES has always met my needs

    a dead parrot


    There's also this.

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