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  1. Stevo, I love you. I dunno about mixing run 'n guns with shmups. They're similar in some ways, sure, but they're different enough that I think it doesn't make sense to put one on an album dedicated to the other. Plus if you just include Gunstar Heroes then you'll have people asking what you have against rocket lawnchairs. But if you need more remixers then that's legit - better to get enough music for a full album than to worry about being a purist. Since you're including rail shooters, Sin and Punishment would make a good addition. Great game, great music. Something from the Thunder Force series would also be good. I want to say it'd be nice to include a Cave game, but I guess Batsugun counts. Then there's the massive indie/dojin scene... I'd vote for Genetos just because the music is so delightful and the game's concept is so neat (even if the gameplay isn't the best). Too many good companies, let alone games, that people don't know about because shmups are such a fringe genre. Will be neat to get any sort of shmup album from ocr. R-Type would be good, but he already has a Psikyo on the list with Gunbird. I bought 2 just for the opening sequence and title screen. Worth it.
  2. 1cced Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream on lunatic with every character. Survived seven minutes on hyper hexagonest in Super Hexagon. I feel like I should feel like a dumb. edit: nevermind.
  3. Sweet deal, thanks. Also liked the Chiptune + Charity 3 package.
  4. Alright, will do. Alright, will do.
  5. I'm feeling a Skies of Arcadia meh. High encounter rate (even with Legends) puts a damper on exploration, which was the main draw of the game for me. The South Ocean (windy area) was especially ugh. Put in twenty or so hours then put it down a couple months ago. Kind of want to go back to it because its story is lighthearted and fun, but I've been finding it hard to stick with games that have tedious, anachronistic conventions. Anime as fuck and looks amazing.
  6. Persona 2: Innocent Sin - Lunar Palace Konan
  7. K.B.

    What a Deal!

    Windows 8 64-bit for $30. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Retail (non-OEM) for $40. Prices after rebates. Must activate packaged security software; cancel it within the first year to avoid incurring annual fees. Looks like they're good through Saturday. That's when one of the rebates expires, anyway.
  8. K.B.

    Happy halcday!

    Happy birthday!
  9. There's signal degradation with bluetooth, so I wouldn't be able to justify spending more than a hundred bucks on headphones, if even fifty. I think you'd be much happier getting two sets: a nice wired set for home and a passable wireless one for work/travel. If you decide to go that route, you might find this Headphone Buying Guide article at Head-Fi.org to be a good starting point for a home set. You'll see the SR-60i and DT-880 that timaeus mentioned (although the Grados are on-ear, not around-ear). I've been eyeing the ATH-AD700s for myself. Those are all open phones, with the Grados and Audio-Technicas at an excellent performance/price ratio for a first set (where, I think, $100 is the sweet spot), but they'd be ill-suited for noisy environments or anywhere you wouldn't want others to hear sound from your headphones (also note that the Sennheiser RS line is open, not closed). None of the closed phones on that list seem to have bluetooth capability, and certainly none under $150 do, since I did an amazon search for each one. That doesn't help you for your work set, and that doesn't help at all if you insist on getting one multipurpose set, but I think that's the best advice if you're interested in quality (as a $300 price ceiling indicates you are). For the bluetooth side, I searched Head-Fi forums for "bluetooth" and "wireless", and that turned up a few recommendation threads, so those could be worth a shot. Alternately, you can get a good set of wired, closed headphones that has a removable cord, affix a bluetooth receiver (such as the receiver portion of this headset [out of stock on amazon]), plug the receiver into the phone, and have a quick, diy, bluetooth-capable headphone of assured quality (minus bluetooth signal issues, of course). You could even do a more advanced mod, if you're up for that.
  10. djp: I completely misread you what you were saying yesterday. Sorry about that. Your response was both appreciated and more than my mischaracterizing post deserved.
  11. Yes, there is something wrong with that, and is that is the status quo for being a critic, then the term is pejorative. But that's likely more a problem with your parallel. A film critic doesn't need to offer a solution to things like poor lighting or plot discrepancies: the solutions are intuitive from the problems. Just like, for instance, you wouldn't need to tell a friend how to stop being a dick; you just tell him to stop being a dick. The case of this thread, however, is more like telling a friend to stop being depressed. Stating the issue, even with an investigation into the issue, is insufficient. You need to come out with something actionable. The scope to a problem always includes a solution. If there isn't a solution, the problem isn't worth mentioning. And if proposing the solution would be counterproductive (as you claim), then the solution must be counterproductive, in which case the solution creates a situation worse than the problem. In which case, again, the problem isn't worth mentioning. It's a cop-out.
  12. No one person is going to solve this issue (assuming there is one), but it's only proper to give potential solutions when you see a problem. Not doing so implies laziness, cowardice, or antagonism. This issue has been brought up many times before and, assuming her intent is as she states and not simply to gain notoriety, she could facilitate a much better discussion by presenting potential, researched solutions. And maybe she will present solutions. But excusing the lack thereof is fundamentally wrong.
  13. K.B.


    And here I thought we had an understanding. Also, no.
  14. K.B.


    Hey EC, I've already watched Elfen Lied... you come across anything else recently that you hated? I could use some more recommendations.
  15. K.B.


    When of course either is fine, so long as it's official. None of this.
  16. I am an anachronistic unperson.
  17. The first SH was good. Decent plot, interesting characters and character interactions, and good music. It also did alright with its darker tone. Nothing remarkable, but it made for a decent game. SH2 had none of that. The writing was banal, the characters were intolerable, the voice acting was atrocious, and some of the music was bad enough to mandate muting (though, admittedly, most of it was ok). Any real character interaction played second fiddle to an awkward, unfunny mix of standup and slapstick, which meant that the supposed comedy was not only bad in itself but that it also brought down the entire game, wholly missing the point of comic relief. This was particularly ill-suited in a sequel to a relatively dark game, making Covenant hardly worthy of its series' name. B-but... you never let me know that I was alive to you! All these unrequited feelings!
  18. Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Passable gameplay and graphics; everything else is shit. Worse than Xenosaga 2.
  19. Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying. ...that had to have been one weird C&D.
  20. If there were such issues, shouldn't the current square-enix mascots be removed? There are plenty still on the mascot category page, with good links and all. I'm not following this. Not trying to derail, but I don't see such discussion anywhere but in this thread, so I must have missed it. I'm simply curious to know what's up.
  21. 1. Amaterasu (Okami) 2. Bill Rizer (Contra series) [write-in; pic from Neo Contra] 3. Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV) [write-in; cg of dark knight from DS remake, cg of paladin from DS remake, art of dark knight, art of paladin, Giant Bomb gallery]
  22. No stream, just a comment: could folks also provide a brief description of their streams? Info like what genres are played, when and how often streams usually occur, and any specific format/niche (commentary/comedy, high score, speedrun, glitches/tricks, etc) would be convenient to have. I mean, I'm interested in this, and I think this is a very neat thread idea, but having a little more to go on would greatly help in figuring out what I might want to check out and tune in for.
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