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  1. AC4 has what is probably my favorite vg soundtrack.

    Brass bias. Bombastic bias.

    This wouldn't be the easiest soundtrack to remix, since it focuses on building and slight variations rather than hooks. You'd have to earn your wings.

    GOD TIER hurr


    Safe Return - personal fave

    Megalith: Agnus Dei - +choral


    Invincible Fleet

    - guitar-driven rock



    Youtubes are in hq whenever available and best quality always.

    I highly recommend both the soundtrack and the game, the latter of which is (arguably) the best AC and a phenomenal arcade (read: not sim) combat flight game and available for only $3 at your local purveyor of overpurchased/underappreciated video games.

    [vgmdb, moby games, gamestop]

    Go listen to the soundtrack, buy the game, or even - save me - remix it and make a fan happy. May the ground not rise to meet you.

  2. Echoing Vagrant Story. Its only blemish is not having a button to hot-swap weapons. As-is, there is some tedium involved in frequenting the menu to switch your weapons so they're properly leveled against the desired enemy type. The battle system is based on that of the first Parasite Eve. It's up there with the first Silent Hill as some of the best storytelling I've seen in a game. And yes, the music is excellent.

    Persona 2: Innocent Sin (for the ps1) is the best jrpg I've ever played. I've never been as attached to a cast of characters as I was to its by the end of that game. That's due to a combination of superb character development, dialogue, storytelling, and music. A couple of the characters are somewhat immature, and three in total are in high school, but that's the extent of any anime comparison. The game delves into psychological issues and philosophical ideas and handles both sets adequately. The game's also a treat for the completionist, as each npc's dialogue around town changes with nearly every minor plot point, some being humorous and others adding minor details to the story. The graphics are good for the ps1 era (isometric, sprites). The persona system allows for a large amount of cutomability and strategy in battles, and the contact system, while somewhat esoteric, lends another level of strategy (when to fight and when to conserve hp/mp by trying to contact). The contact system is odd at first, but once I started taking notes, I quickly came to enjoy it. The encounter rate is higher than I liked, but less than five minutes using save states in the casino's bingo game and this is fixed (you'll know when you get there... less than ten hours in, as I recall). You should know if you'll like the story by the time you reach the first impactful scene - in the abandoned prison - which is about two hours in. Never released outside of Japan, but about two years ago it got a fan translation which, as should be evident from my prior ravings about the dialog, is excellent.

    [side note: I'm in December of P3:FES, but as good a that game is, it still falls short of the bar set by P2:IS... thus far.]

    Disclaimer: I haven't played any current-gen jrpgs, and I've played very few last-gen jrpgs. I've hit most of the highly-rated ones through the ps1 era.

    I've taken a few notes on potential current-gen rpgs from this thread. Thanks for the recs.

  3. It's pretty futile to merely mention the bajillion of Touhou doujoshinji (sp) or whatever you call the remixed musics.

    I suppose it could seem a bit overwhelming when you realize that if you listened to one Touhou remix album a day, you'd probably die before you made it through them all.

    But the reason I didn't mention Touhou is because there isn't a clearninghouse with a smattering of artists (such as ocr) and, even then, a given circle's remixes are usually confined to that series of games rather than the entirety of gaming. So, you'd have to be one to listen to music from games you (probably) haven't played and be willing to ask for recommendations (or be willing to spend time poking around). I doubt I would have gotten into it had I not become immediately addicted to the games, though, so I still suggest that route to anyone with at least a passing interest in shmups.

    Not that any of that should deter someone who likes vg remixes. And there are people here who are happy to give recommendations.

    Keeping up a Comiket 79 post, myself... perhaps mainly because it's fun to be current on something for once.

    Speaking of doujin remixes, here's Dhsu's old thread: Japanese Remixes. Not all of the links are dead! Add "http://translate.google.com/translate?tl=en-us&u=" to the beginning of a url for a (not completely broken) translation to English.

    I haven't made my way through any of those yet, but like Rama said, there's surely a lot of good stuff out there. I mean, this is Japan we're talking about. They're crazier than us about video games.

  4. 'bout time for a bump. Cave mame update, personal nonsense, and Genetos plug.

    Bordering on old news, but Ketsui - that's right, the same Ketsui that has every Cave-fanboy score-player wetting themselves - and DoDonpachi DOJ (and DOJ black label) are now playable in shmupmame. Espgaluda will follow shortly. Or maybe it already has... I actually enjoyed this as an early Christmas present (sorry for not thinking to share earlier), so maybe it works now as well. Don't know about direct-linking it here, but if you want to check this out then google "shmupmame proboards"; I've verified that their links work and that Ketsui and DOJ are playable.

    And maybe I've just been needing a good sidescroller in my life, but Progear is hot.

    Also, hilaridiocy keeps every rivalry fresh. (but they fly planes?!?)

    Managed to beat EoSD hard and extra (replays are on gensokyo) and essentially finished my playthrough of shmup history (that is, minus the few doujins and some greats that I still don't own/can't emulate, like Radiant Silvergun [port to PC live arcade please?]) since last post. Teeth are cut, now all that's left is to become good. Any day now. I can feel it. Cough.

    Finally, cross-posting for great justice.


    A little freeware shmup. In essence, you battle your way through the various eras of the shmup world, starting at Space Invaders and going up to... well, you'll see if you get to the end. It's pretty quick (about 15-20 minutes), but it's very creative and fun.

    This game is a treat. If you play shmups at all, give it at least one playthrough. And that main menu music... yes.

    I must be too much of a pansy because it seems I can't get the sword no matter what I do. One time I got graze though... holy crap that was a setup for disaster.

  5. I should have been more specific and said youtube. I wasn't trying to one-up or downplay your contribution (or knowledge, for that matter), Coop. Those oggs are the best thing going; compare with Galbadia's rips if you want a laugh.

    I simply support aerial rocking.

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