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  1. This is one of the best pieces of music that I've ever heard. Sure, the upkey sounded a little forced, but the entire piece of music is just wonderful. I've been playing this in my car stereo for the past 6 months, and so very often people say: "wow, what track is this; it's nice!" More remixes please! Rating: 9.5/10
  2. I wouldn't say it's a super A+ song, but you got to give credit to the remixer for making such a tribute to such a wonderful game. I used to own Herzog Zwei on my Genesis, and I still play it emulated on my Dreamcast every once in a while. Great music, great work. Keep it up. 8/10
  3. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to to this forum, and I hope you guys will be able to help me. I just started using Fruityloops not too long ago, and am wondering whether is it possible to export scores from fruityloops (from the piano roll) and output into a music score sheet? Is there any way to do that? It'll make my life much easier on my keyboard/electone. Thanks guys!
  4. I encountered a sound card problem with Fruity a few days back, posted some request for help here, and then my post got deleted without any notice. At least could have dropped a PM or moved it to any correct section (if there is).
  5. Man, this is a fantasic remix. At first it brings out the nostalgic feeling of the old school final fantasies, then followed by an awesome guitar/piano remix. This is one of my favourites. If you like the old school FF's, you have to download this. It's amazing.
  6. Me too. Just specially registered to place my thoughts on this piece. This is one of the best remixes that I have ever downloaded out this site. It has been staying on my playlist as #1 since the time I downloaded it. Fantastic.
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