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  1. I liked the feel of the game, too. I think the mundane situations you saw some of the characters in (soda machines with Megaman, listening to music in the CD shops, museum visits etc.) was what made the game that much better and the characters more identifiable. Also, I can't dislike a game with what are possibly the strangest, most exuberant and nonsensical OST song titles I've seen. "Balcon Gerald!"?
  2. Here was my plan:bring one adapter, and plug a power strip into it and have the US-friendly plugs for my voltage-flexible appliances. Since I was able to find an actual convertor for $16 at a local travel store, I think I'll go with that and a power strip, because I'd rather the multi-tasker after reading some of this stuff. Thanks a ton for the help and also to Gollgah for finding the chargers for me! And yep, I have an iPod I'm bringing. Love the music here too.
  3. Know where I can get one?
  4. So I'm leaving for Europe soon, and I'm in the process of seeing if all my electronics stuff can take the higher voltage. Turns out the DS is stuck with 110 volts...anyone know a way besides a convertor to charge a DS in Europe? Like, maybe a EU charger? Also, I'm torn between TWEWY and FFTA2 to buy for the plane. Leaning towards FFTA2 because I can grind on the plane rides.
  5. I like this quite a bit. I have been listening to a ton of DnB lately and this is quite smooth. The main melody is quite understated, but i like that. It's a subtle touch and makes the piece all the more atmospheric when added to the ostinato and such. I think a little more tension and release is in order as well, but don't overdo it. I like the chill vibe of the whole piece.
  6. I really dig the feel change you've done here. While the original is really an intimate song that portrays a sense of stagnant dread, you've really fleshed it out and made it a bit more mysterious and hopeful. Different kind of anxiety is present here, more like a restlessness. I really like the timbres used, especially the lower ones. I agree that the last section could be a bit faster---keep on truckin' with this one. I hope to see it soon.
  7. Ah, i get it! I'm nearly completely in the dark about percussion stuff, but this all makes sense. It's a bit like saying "lift with your legs, not your back" but here it's "play from your back, not your wrist." ...Er, not quite, but I hope you know what i mean.
  8. I heard a somebody call wind musicians "athletes of the small muscles" at a competition once. Here it really sounds like you're talking in a pretty macro scale, what with shoulders and arms. shows some real difference between the bodily involvement in, say, sax compared to marimba or set.
  9. ... I uh... er hmm yes. The thi... WHOA:shock: This is the stuff! Sometimes when mixes use non-Western instruments, it can be gimmicky and fake. This flows so well and melds the styles and timbres effortlessly. Just great.
  10. I think the thing about Morse's work that I love the most is that everything fits and melds together so well...nothing is glaring or jarring. Great feel and I'd say JM has the real mastery of this style on OCR.
  11. Oh my. I think Microsoft Sam could read that sorry excuse for a script better. also Zigitaris=?=Digitalis
  12. Bassoon, bari sax, and sousaphone again now that field season rears its head. I WISH I was playing my uilleann pipes, but being the custom-made things they are, their manufacture is taking some time...
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