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    Too much to even beging writing. Basically my life revolves around my passion for music, feel free to contact me to get to know me better, I'm a very open person.
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    Sean Gilleece
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    Composer, Student and Part-time Shop Assistant.

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
  • Software - Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Electric Bass
    Vocals: Male
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    Bagpipes, Alternative vocals [growling etc], Bongo

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  1. Just submitted my vote there, hopefully the feedback is useful! Is there anyway to confirm that my vote went through as my internet has been extremely dodgy and most pages don't load but general the data is still sent. Cheers!
  2. They were pretty faithful about the recreation. I wasn't digging the gameplay or the fact that Bahamut was there [especially not the FFX version] but the map itself, the attention to detail and all was awesome! I might just get my hands on it just to run around exploring the map. Actually wait, I'm just going to play FFVII again.
  3. A drum and bass take on this classic, done for the PRC. Tell me what you think, cheers! http://soundcloud.com/decitronic/snakes-revenge-jungle It's practically finished, I might add some slight more pad in the background and record actual bass to sit on top of the Subbass but it's essentially finished. [unless I get feedback that says otherwise ]
  4. Sounds good! It's on from 1-3am here so I'll have to give it a miss this week cause I'm out of sleep but I'll join you next week, definitely! Cheers.
  5. Great idea! I'm definitely onboard for it, are you thinking about doing it as in a short competition as in a few hours? It might be a good idea to announce the theme for the composition Saturday night and then have all entries in by late Sunday, with voting from Monday to Thursdays or such and repeat. So that way it's a one day composition on a Sunday, a good excercise and way to enjoy a Sunday!
  6. The upload worked fine the second time so there it is, cheers!
  7. That's odd because I lowered the bitrate to make sure the track was under 6mb, it says on the file properties that it is 5.8mb unless it is registering as a different size after being sent somehow? Ah Abadoss, haven't talked to him in ages. Does he still post on the forums atall? You'll be seeing a good bit of me here at the PRC don't worry!
  8. Have the one hour compositions stopped again? I'd love to be involved in the next one! Cheeeeeeeers.
  9. Hey guys, I haven't been about the forums in a few years but I'm back now I used to enter into the cmc sometimes, is that still on the go? Anyhow, this remix definitely got my juices flowing so I've spent the last 6 hours throwing together this remix: http://soundcloud.com/decitronic/snakes-revenge-jungle My ears are pretty tired right now so I'll probably return to it tomorrow or the day after to go over the production and make it more interesting but I thought I'd get it up soon just incase I go missing before the deadline or if there is something I'm missing out on to make my submission invalid etc. Tell me what you think guys, all c and c is greatly appreciate and once I get listening to the other submissions I'll make sure to give you guys feed back. Cheers!!!
  10. Look into upgrading to Reaper, it's free [essentially - for private use] and it's downright great. That is assuming that you mean quantizing midi notes and values automatically. If you are talking about audio itself then the only DAW that I know of to be capable to do this is Cubase [i'm sure there is some others that can do it but I haven't looked for this functionality in any other daws so I can't confirm this].
  11. No, big difference, Grindcore is stuff like The berzerker, Goratory, Mucopus, Godcock, analcunt etc. Brutal Death metal would be more Krisiun, suffocation etc Very different sounding, both are great though. Grindcore is a different genre from Deathmetal, although most people lump it as a sub-genre but it isn't. It came from Deathmetal as Thrashmetal came from rock, or such.
  12. Really? For me I listen to all types, except thrash [just doesn't do it for me] as do all my friends. Only my friends that are big into black metal force themselves to listen to one subgenre, which is pathetic. I could never imagine restricting myself to one genre let alone one sub-genre. Its just stupid, its like eating bread and butter for your entire life when there is so much else out there.
  13. I love my brutal death metal, more of a fan of technical death metal but the two are quite similar. Krisiun is one of the best examples of brutal death metal if anyone here hasn't checked out brutal death metal yet. Brutal death metal makes for a great gig, the mosh pits are crazy.
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