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  1. Yes, a short competition that lasts two hours from theme announcement until deadline to submit. It's a way to increase workflow efficiency and some really awesome stuff comes out of these two hour things. (See One Hour Compo on Thursday nights and JH Compo on Tuesday nights) It's all about having some fun, getting better at efficiency and getting feedback on your two hour creation.
  2. Hey guys, I'm starting a Compo to be held at 8:00 EDT every Sunday! I figure most Sundays are slow and kind of boring so this way we can have a bit of fun and some competition at the same time. This compo will utilize Solidcomposer.com! Rules: -To participate you must use solidcomposer. -No covers! -Create a song within two hours. -No late submissions, sorry. Round 1: http://www.solidcomposer.com/arena/compete/177/ Theme: The Beginning Winner: <Voting Ends at 11:00 PM EDT> Round 2: http://www.solidcomposer.com/arena/compete/178/
  3. Hi all, I'm working on a cover of cyrilthewolf and Nario's song from the last DDC titled "Hands in the Air". I've been working on it for a while now and this what I've gotten. Latest WIP This is the sauce. I'd love some feedback on it. -swordofdestiny
  4. I can try doing lead, but my range peaks at around concert D above the staff...
  5. Sorry, got bogged down with a bunch of schoolwork and crap, but I'm still interested in doing this. As for the logistics of recording, those are some good suggestions. I remember my freshman year at UTA when the JE did a recording of a song (that recording was terrible in the end though). What we did, which we can't do was to do a preliminary recording of the piece in the choir room (yeah JE meets in the choir room). The sections recorded together, which obviously we can't do. However, I would be against doing the rhythm group first. Mostly because the rhythm group should play with the band. Meaning they should record last, or have a preliminary vanilla recording with a new recording later that can react to the soloist. Also, Fratto, if you're the Fratto I'm thinking you are, hell, I've been drinking with you before.
  6. I really like this track. The vocals work rather well, other than the really high note, that was the only part they kind of... yeah. I mean autotuning to enhance, rather than to be gimmickey is good. Autotuning for the sake of using autotune is just silly. Good track!
  7. Anyone interested in forming a big band? To have this we'd need 4-5 trumpets (I'll volunteer myself, but I am NOT a lead player, at least, I'm not on my 1 1/2 C and I haven't touched my lead mp in a while), 3-4 tenor trombones, bass bone, two alto saxophones (Cyril I'm looking at you), two tenor saxophones, a baritone saxophone, a bass guitar, jazz guitar, piano player, drumset and possibly a few vocalists. If you're interested, reply to this with your instrument (and part preference for applicable instruments) name and your nickname/name/whatever. Example: Name: swordofdestiny Instrument: Trumpet Part Pref: 2-5
  8. As much fun as I had remixing my piece. I must point out my displeasure at this two week extension. I'm not going to mince my words, so if they're a bit harsh, I apologize. This extension, to me, is a slap in the face. I worked hard this summer between work, moving, different events, but I still got mine done before the deadline. The way I see it, by extending it, in most cases you are rewarding laziness and procrastination. If you put a hard deadline on something and don't accept late submissions, you make a standard. People may get upset about being excluded because they were tardy in their submission, but they'll remember it and next time they'll submit before the deadline is through. Sorry if this has offended anyone, but I had to get it off of my chest. A deadline is a deadline. I know things happen sometimes and you can't get something done, but that's just it. Things happen.
  9. I enjoyed a lot about this album. The concept is great. Musically, I liked the jazzy feel of a few tracks (well, more it was the latinesque bass line in A Special Case that I really loved) and the feel of the album as a whole really made me remember watching things along the lines of "A Beautiful Mind". I love dystopian literature so this album was right up my alley. I've been meaning to post this for a while but I got busy with work and whatnot and just now got around to it. I am glad that JH asked me to lend my voice to one of the tracks, I love doing things like that.
  10. This week I'm going to read up on mixing and mastering, but this weekend (read the last hour or so), I've tweaked the drums a bit. I tried to work in a bit of subtle (well, honestly, not that subtle) "synth like" things (basically ran the piano intro through vocodex). I'm seriously going to take a look at what I've got structure wise and see if I can make it flow better and also make it more coherent. So hopefully, the Wip after this one will be better. Anyways, here's Wip3.
  11. I'm working right now to make the piano intro both flow better and sound more interesting (yay alberti?). How would I improve the drums so that they're not holding it back? I think I may completely change how I've laid out the electronic section. It sounds like too much of a medley right now (I mean, it is a medley, but according to the submit standards, it shouldn't sound like a medley). Thank you guys so much for the feedback. It really helps me keep going on this. I've been working on this track off and on for almost a year now. This is what I actually submitted back in December, it's terrible compared to the current Wip in my opinion. I'm going to work on it before the Double's Dash today. Again, thank you guys for the feedback.
  12. I've been working on this for a while. I did submit this once, but it got the form rejection. To be honest, I've learned so much more since I subbed it that I'm kind of glad it got rejected. I took the criticism that was offered in the form seriously and this is what I've done so far: WIP2 The sources are: The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Temple of Time Enter Gannondorf I really would like to get some feedback so I can polish it up and get it submitted.
  13. This mix made my evening, I laughed and probably would listen to it right after Weird Al's White & Nerdy.
  14. I guess I should state that I have four badges, pokemon all around lvl 20 and my togepi totally pwnt that level 25 gengar at level 18.
  15. So, here, post your friend codes for the WiFi thing. I think SS and HG can battle Platinum trainers, not completely sure. It's worth trying. My friend code: 0560 9000 9793
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