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  1. I love Uematsu's work, so I'm definitely in for this one.
  2. Ok, I heard back from him about the bass. It's one of these: http://backstreetmusicshop.com/prodD...php?id_prd=329 Standard notation, at least I remember a bit of that from those required choir classes a couple years back, lol. Although...I'm not sure it'd help much for the vocals I'd be doing...haha. Still would probably help for the bass though. Endurance, be wary of open strings/tabs. Got it. I've been doing that curling 1&3 then 2&4 all day today. It's already getting semi-subconscious. I'm just waiting for someone to think I flipped them off and me have no clue what's going on, lol.
  3. Haha, seems obvious now, but that never occurred to me. (And I fixed the sig links, thanks) Ah, ok. That's probably going to be the worst part for me...I know next to nothing of music theory as it is. I'll definitely try to look into it. Any forewarnings from anyone about potential bad playing habits? Something I can do all day during class, yay! lol. Although curling my 2nd and 4th fingers is difficult on either hand right now...they don't want to go at the same time, or w/o taking the other fingers down with them.
  4. I'm just starting out, and I've never played an instrument before. I'm looking at buying a bass from my friend who never plays his and trying to learn to play that. Any tips out there for that or just music/band stuff in general?
  5. Too me a while to get around to it, but I finally downloaded this, sounds awesome.
  6. Holy crap. So I'm sitting here reading this topic just to see what's mentioned, and I skim through this post, then thinking about what was said about it, I go reread it, and look up that game on Wikipedia. I've been trying to find out that name of that thing for a couple years now, and never could. Running on very vague memories from playing it when I was young didn't get me very far. Quoted for truth and loll-ness. That was Megaman X3, but either way earlier games have been mentioned that had swearing.
  7. I'm stoked for this thing, I've wanted to play CT for a while, but never have been willing to dish out the cash for a SNES cartridge of it, and just never got around the the PS1 version. So I'll probably be picking this up.
  8. Wow. That's just...yeah, never would have guessed they'd try to make something like that. Who knows, isn't there the slight off-chance it'll be amazing? I doubt it...but we can hope.
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