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  1. Hey Jade,

    I ran into a few revelations about Lady Harken-A Moment of Tension. The first was that there is only like 34 seconds of source, so it's not going to be extremely source driven. The second is that I thought this song was a battle theme, so that's how I've been creating it. I basically have an intro and a little more done, but I wanted to swing it by you first, because it's not sounding much like the original.


    At the part where I begin fading the track, that's where I would be covering the section of 0:11-0:22 of the original song. I could probably stretch it some more in the outro, or maybe just use some of the reoccurring wild arm's theme (i.e. you'll never be alone no matter where you go). I just think that I have an awesome intro and I would hate to have it shot down after I put even more effort into it. Let me know what you want me to do.