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  1. I really loved the series, and felt it a worthy successor to the original. Some of the art style shifts bugged me, but I figured I'm nitpicking it too much and enjoyed the show. What did bug me, however, is that ti looks like the backgrounds, while all gorgeous watercolors and line drawings (depending on organic or humanmade, I noticed), were far less detailed and breathtaking the last shows, like the art department took a budget hit and the backgrounds suffered. I still love it for the story, the characters, and Pabu and Bolin. (I'm more a graphics artist than musician now, incase you can't tell...)
  2. I'd love to help, if this came back up. I hope Square Enix gives the okay, but I can say I understand why they would be upset in using the Final Fantasy IP in a commercial context. We can remix all we want, freely and for our personal use, under fair use, but once we start raising money in its name, it becomes a legal issue. Best get permission first and then do the project, rather than have this happen.
  3. Wow.....I never thought a remix could be so good........this song brings a tear to my eye whenever I listen to it.........jazzy, brings out emotions, and is what a song is supposed to be. Thanks for bringing such a great remix!
  4. Palm Tree Panics original soundtrack was good, but this remix is great! It sounds like Palm Tree Panic Good Future more then anything, though, but overall it has a nice jazzy feel to it.
  5. This song is pretty good. The overall effect is nice, the fact that they keep the same instruments as the original is better(well foreground instruments, anyways). This is a song I have listened to countless times, only two I can think that are better than this are Kefka Heads West from FF6 and Palm Tree Panic from Sonic CD Japan.
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