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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. I'll ask around VG then.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good free programs that can convert mp3 files to MIDI. I've looked around and haven't come up with anything. Most of the programs were able to convert an mp3 to wav, but that was about it.
  3. No one has mentioned the Jack and Daxter series yet, which is a shame because. I think they are pretty fun. Candid the first one is geered toward younger players, the second two have more of a mild GTA style. But the game play is awsome and the voice acting is pretty good.
  4. I liked the idea of the source fading in, but I would start to fade the guitar to a piano or mezzo piano. In my oppinion I would do that at about 44 seconds in, then I would fade it completly out by 1:12, but again that's just me. The reason is like what Ghetto and even yourself said, the intro is way too long. What Ghetto is saying that the guitar intro could have been fine for the first 5 seconds and you would have been fine. I would say that 5 seconds would be too short for me, and that you could cut it down quite a bit and still get the same feeling your aiming at.
  5. What happened to the link for the song? because I can't find it anywhere on the thread.
  6. Like everyone else here, I've gone through many of the remixes here, but one thing that I noticed that was lacking was the abillity to search for remixes by genre. There are times I wan't to listen to a classical song, and sometimes I want to listen to some rock, and I don't always have time to go through all of the songs to find those. I think that it would be helpful, expecially the new people to the site, to have that abillity besides those that are already given, even though they too are really helpful.
  7. I'm a little suprised that there are no songs from DK64 at all because I thought the music was pretty good. I would like the boss battle made because it is the the most epic out of all the songs on the game.
  8. Thanks for all the help, especialy (sp?) BardicKnowledge, at first I had an mp3 so finale wasn't reading it, but after some more searching I was able to find the MIDI of it.
  9. I was wondering if anybody knew of a good Midi to Sheet Music converter that is preferably free. I can't find the sheet music online for the song I want, so the help will be gratefull.
  10. Hey, I have listened to a few of the remixes and they are realy good. I play a decent amount of video games but am not addicted to them like some. I do play the piano but have never realy got ahold of composing at all yet. I thought that this was a good spot to start "composing," even though it is just revising another's work it is almost the same thing. I thought I might just introduce myself here before I just jumped out and started doing things. I am mainly a sony and nintendo player since I don't have an Xbox or 360. So ya. : )
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