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  1. I'd say it's a pretty big deal. All of Nintendo's consoles and most of their handhelds have been region-locked up to this point.
  2. According to this, you can go and grab another one every 12 hours of character time. If the finger is making you crash, I would suggest you stop using it until they fix it.
  3. I don't think you can. It's possible to explore each of their quest lines to a certain degree and not have anyone go hostile, but if you want to finish the main story you have to pick one.
  4. I'm sure we would be if we were playing D3 on PS3/4
  5. Yep! You can assign any of the in-game instruments to a midi channel to hear how it would sound.
  6. All I ever wanted to do in Diablo 3 was CLEAVE AND SMITE EVIL, and that's exactly what the Crusader does. Thank you, Blizzard ;_;7
  7. 33 leather for the whole set. Also, you can dual wield hunting knives, so...go have fun. :3
  8. The defense on leather armor is currently 13, which seems to be a bit too high. It'll probably end up getting lowered some in a future patch.
  9. Another year, another visitor message. Happy Birthday!

  10. She didn't really specify which version of Tactics Ogre she was referring to, though. The PSP port isn't so bad, but the one on PS1 was pretty damn harsh.
  11. Sure, but there's nothing forcing you to play like that.
  12. 1.) Dodging is all about timing. Think Guild Wars 2, except you have to be a little more precise. 2.) Blocking is a Warrior thing. I don't know about Berserkers, but Guardians are able to block. If you use a 2H weapon, the block meter depletes faster.
  13. I found one to be much more amusing.Also, 'MURICA.
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