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  1. thank godness you told me that man!! been getting hammered with work and other responsibilites so i haven't had a chance to hop back on the PC and rework it. thank you for the constructive feedback, cause this'll definitely help! of to work on it now!
  2. thanks for the tip on the guitar bit. i did know that the guitar solo's were rigid but i did want to get the general idea. Plus, I'd rather hear it from a guitar player since im using guitar samples anyway will post adjustments later on tonight.anything more would be beneficial
  3. sure could be helpful, pm me and we'll see. putting this up for mod review.
  4. the snare is quiet? hmmmm......will check that later on today as i go. Might adjust the settings on the limiter i have on the guitar to. I'll see how that goes. Oh and to answer your question 210LG, I use FL Studio 10.
  5. A terra theme remix I really ended up getting into for a long time. there are some things i need to tweak but i needed to get the general idea out. Hopefully you guys can give some constructive feedback and help me fine tune this badboy so i can post it up for submission. Any Constructive and otherwise feedback is much appreciated! http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=12077396&q=hi&newref=1
  6. What I find even more Intersting is that there are remixes for the songs in FFMQ, but they're all scattered across the net. aside from the songs posted at KNGI, there's a few on youtube, soundcloud, and other places but not one has been posted on OCRemix as far as i know(I could be wrong here). But yeah, I have to agree that Simple and effective is what was working best back then(still does now to). Well I'm Interested lol:mrgreen:
  7. Now when you say more Boom, what do you mean specifically? like RnB boom, Breakbeat Boom, Dnb Boom, Big Bass Boom? try to be as specific as you can on this one cause i'm interested in this one now.
  8. the first time i haven't heard a electronica remix of that song, and the first that i actually liked it. nice one man, but i dunno if you've noticed but you have your crashes panned to the left a little to much. try bringing it back some to even it out.
  9. Now I'm really, REALLY cautious about posting up the guile theme remix im working on. Specifically for one reason only....guitar lol. other than that, I'm going for a slow, cinematic type feel to it so this remix is around 87-89 bpm. other than that still working on the song itself, but I figure OCR can point some things out since its better to let a fresh pair of ears listen to your tracks for a different opinion on things, so I posted up a little clip to give a general idea. If anything I'm hoping to see if i can get a live player for the guitar solos but untill then, its the same lead. any feedback much appreciated! http://tindeck.com/listen/zxwt
  10. Now that I think about it, its taken me about a good year. I did start when i was 16, but i was still making the same mistakes in mixing, and production. but after this year i got almost everything down pat since i got my monitors.
  11. And I was just thinking about doing this as well ( that and working on remixes to submit to OCR). this will definitely come in handy, no doubt about that. only thing is though is that this is going to take alotta time (well if you got free time then it won't feel like it) but what dosen't?
  12. I was deciding on making an album or EP to get my name out (foot in the door, which ever analogy you want to use lol) but as it stands I don't have quite enough info to make proper moves towards that. so I was wondering, for those who have sold albums, EP's, LP's, and the like, how did you go about promoting yourself? any info would help a great deal!
  13. dude, the link you have here dosen't work, and well, I don't have the time right now to register
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