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  1. Pretty much one of the coolest remixes I've ever heard, on this site and anywhere else. It's the reason I registered for an account here. Amazing job guys... how 'bout you tackle some Xenogears next?
  2. Agreed regarding the nanos... but it's Kojima, so he could feed me a game full of tripe and I'd still eat it all up and love it. Well maybe not, but I'd have an easier time accepting it. I bought MGS4 without actually even owning the system. I ended up playing it on my friends ps3, who later ended up buying it as well. I was very impressed. Here's to hoping for a new Metal Gear game!
  3. Well, that was confusing. Never seen a forum before that puts newest posts on the first page and later posts on the last. Hello all. Name's Sparafucile (not really), just registered here obviously, but my first experience with OC Remix goes way back... back when I was still pretty new to downloading mp3s, I was looking for Chrono Trigger stuff when I downloaded one called Revival Day Impoetus by some bloke named djpretzel. Can't say I fell in love. In fact, I was kind of annoyed since I was looking for CT stuff and this song I downloaded sounded next to nothing like something from the game. But I never deleted the song, and it's grown on me over the years. Over that time till now I managed to snag a few more songs from the site through file sharing programs but never actually visited the site. Anyways, so I randomly visited a few days ago and looked for some Radical Dreamers (which is pretty much the best song ever IMO) from Chrono Cross remixes... heard pixie's version... went ... then downloaded her and zircon's Kindred... went :shock:... it's then that I realized how much talent people could have without being a big part of the recording industry. Not much to say about me. Musically, I've played piano for quite a while, on and off for the past 10-15 years. Guitar extremely casual for 5 or 6 years. I was a band geek in high school, where played the euphonium, and three-valved trombone in my jazz band. I like games. Super Metroid, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, Metal Gear Solids, Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Mario... I'm not particularly picky when it comes to games. So hey. *salutes*