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  1. Thanks for the updated MP3s!!! I have all of my OC Remixes on Google Music, which means I can't simply replace them like I could files. Any suggestions on what songs I need to delete as well as up to what date? The torrent says October 12th, does that mean it includes all songs up to 12th of October (including the 12th itself)? Tips greatly appreciated. As it stands right now I have no way of replacing my old OC Remixes with the new ones.
  2. There are 3 original tracks in DKC2 that I don't seem to see in this album: Rigging Ship Deck Ship Deck 2 These are the titles from the SPC rips. I know Rigging is on the level where you are climbing up the ship's rafts during the rain. Why were these not remixed (or maybe they are and I just don't recognize them)? These, IMHO, are some of the best songs in the original DKC2 soundtrack. Good job on everything else!
  3. I'm very excited about these changes and I can't wait for the torrents. I wholeheartedly believe the artist field should obviously be the artist. They deserve all the credit for their own work. However, I still complain about this only because when you're talking about 2000+ OCRemixes in my music library, it becomes awful hard to find an artist like "George Strait" amidst all of the OCRemix artists that I honestly don't know about nor ever will. Looking forward to some torrent links soon!
  4. Let's not be a troll and start Zune vs iPod wars But yeah, ZuneHDs are awesome. At least Microsoft lets me sync with directories on my filesystem. Apple hates providing freedom of choice to its consumers, so I refuse to support them. iTunes is the most worthless piece of crap. It's not just my Zune, it's Foobar2000 and MP3Tag. I downloaded most of the songs from the torrents, but I also grab the MP3s directly via HTTP too. Maybe I'm forgetting, but *something* showed up as a URL. If it wasn't genre, maybe it was the album or something. I don't remember specifically, I replaced it a long time ago.
  5. So I have a Zune HD 64GB, and it shows album art, artist, album, title, etc when I play music. One thing I notice is that regular OC_Remix.mp3 have a couple of issues that I don't like: There is no album art embedded in the MP3. When I have thousands of these songs, I end up getting hundreds of artists added to my MP3 collection. This clutters my collection. In the past I've replaced the Artist field in all of my OC Remix files to "OCRemix", but I am curious to see what you guys think. The Genre for OC Remix files is a URL instead of something a little more "pretty". For example, it is "http://www.ocremix.org" instead of something like "Video Game", "Game", or "Game Remix". Why is this so? The entire OC Remix collection available publicly off of the website has inconsistencies. For example, the genre tag is different on some of them. Artist names aren't consistent (resulting them as being treated as different artists). In the end I just want my collection to look professional and clean. As much as I love OC Remix and respect their work/community, I have to say that OC_Remix mp3 tags are really ugly and cause a lot of clutter. Anyone have any suggestions to help me improve the tags? I'd say that album art is the most important thing for me right now. Even a generic "OC Remix" album art that I could apply to all of them would be sufficient.
  6. I want to be nice, but this remix is absolutely horrible. The chick can not sing. Sorry to be rude but I need to be honest.
  7. Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible, but I would like a way to be able to conveniently place OC Remixes on my iPhone. I'm at work most of my days and I only sync my iPhone at home, which means I cannot put songs on it through your typical means (iTunes sync). To me, an ideal solution would be for OC Remix to publish their music to the iTunes store as "free" downloads. That would allow me to purchase them on my iPhone and have them immediately. I'm not sure if this is feasible for the community though. The only other alternative I can think of is to listen to some oc remix radio broadcast, but I'm not sure of what apps I would need to download on my iPhone 3GS to make this possible. Guidance is greatly appreciated!
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