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  1. DEAR TO ALL WHO GO AGAINST THIS REMIX, Of course we all have our views and ideas.We all have our likes and dislikes...but to be so harsh to a mix like this just is'nt right.The fact of the matter is that if you all can do better than this guy than prove it.Don't just sit there and shout about it do something about it.I personally found good things about this track,and understand and respect this remixers hard work that he put into this mix.Arrangements and reworks are never that easy to do,you need a plan,direction,motivation,drive,and know how to even pull something like this off.So until i see you people on this site remixing and making music that is great and makes people feel like shit,i will remain stuck on this one thought.People hate what they cant do,and i will admit the sound isnt the best but then again wasnt alot of game music to begin with ? we still fell in love with that with all its bad sound quality.The fact of the matter is this....music should speak for itself and how it sounds shouldnt be a factor to bring it down.I really enjoyed this mix..and if i didnt i wouldnt have even spent my time typing about it. 7*'s out of a possible 10 "ALL WHO DISAGREE WITH ME ARE JUST HATIN''.....
  2. Innovative and fun.I really admire this remixers knack for setting a mood in the song.He is obviously stlye and genre savy...and knows how to pull it off with out ripping it apart.The overall track is nice,funny,and a must hear.I feel bad for team gato...when will that bastard audience give them some props?!!!!... 8*'s out of a possible 10 "INNOVATIVE AND FUN"
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