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  1. Honestly, I can't wait for this to be released. I've always thought the music of this game is severely underrated and was disappointed when I saw so few remixes for it when I first stumbled across this site.
  2. True, I really want Rockface Rumble remixed too. I hope it has a heavy focus on percussion.
  3. Yes, that's what I've been noticing, I'll try to fix that in later videos.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/user/maxerAA There is a link to my channel. I'm playing through Banjo Tooie on the Xbox Live Arcade, one of the greatest games ever made. It's my first attempt at an LP, so I'd like to see how I'm doing. Suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. So, this'll be done within a couple months, right? Heh, I wish. I learned about Serious Monkey Business in October of 2008, and had to wait a year and a half. It was worth the wait though, and I'm sure DKC3 will be great too! It has a really underappreciated soundtrack in my opinion.
  6. I've only listened through the album once, but I like what I hear so far. However, I was disappointed to hear Tetanus and Dance of the Zinger omit certain parts of the originals: Tetanus didn't have that one cool beep-like sounding rhythm, and Zinger didn't have the backround drums of the original. Of course, it's entirely possible that I missed these. They're still great songs, though!
  7. [ignorant post]Remixes shouldn't take months to make[/ignorant post] Just kidding. Can't wait until it's done! I always loved DKC2, both the music and the game.
  8. Banjo Kazooie's music is way better than DK64. We need a remix of click-clock wood.
  9. Sweet! If you don't mind, what song is it a remix of (and if asking what song is being remixed before it's released is a faux paus on here, I sincerely apologize; I'm a newb here).
  10. I would love a DKC3 project. Am I the only person who likes the music in that game? Can't wait for this project to come out, though. DKC2's OST rocks so much.
  11. I took it, glad to help you guys out! Will we be able to see the paper when it's done?
  12. Couple DP songs I would love remixed: Route 216 (Midday) Sunyshore City
  13. I think DKC3's soundtrack was a different style than the other two, but still very strong. Definitely deserving of more than one remix. Really looking forward to the DKC2 remix album, though.
  14. DKC 3 has such good music; I'm surprised there is only one remix of it. Some good songs: Cavern Caprice Water World Treetop Tumble Nuts and Bolts Rockface Rumble
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