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  1. One! Your guitar work is epic! That so beats Steinberg VG! Two! It's too quiet?! I was busy trying to get things level since I did the entire thing through headphones! D:
  2. I kinda vanished for a while, eh? Well, hell... Well, I'm working on a track from a game called RPG Maker XP [ Battle #2 ] I have no clue what to name it, but I have a slight clue as to what direction I want to go in... Here's the source, I guess. o.o [ I forget a certain someone liked to get onto me for this. ] V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmBvPcevHs0 And here's my WIP. V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKyr2jQgEhg [ Look up for new version. ] One thing I forgot to mention. I borrowed a theme from two other games, since they're all "three" RPGs. Can you guess? Any tips would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Hey guys! I know its been forever but I had to get all of my stuff back onto my computer. I lose the .FLP file, but still have the MP3 so I've been building off iof there. Don't be suprised when you hear my latest version. o.o My next post will be soon since Tindeck is up and running again! :]
  4. Since my first wip got ruined... I wanted to start a new one and move on... Now, the deal with this is... This guy is most likely gonna ruin my day for many reasons. XD But, he's a smart and helpful guy, so I'll let him do that... This mix is in it's beginning stages. It doesn't really have a set game to stick to, but I don't know what to lean for... Lemme post up the source part... Magus [ Before battle ] from Chrono Trigger ( 1:00 - 1:09/ 3:02 - 3:11 ) Castlevania [ Bloody tears ] ( 1:16 - 1:30 ) Theme of Gilgamesh? [ FF V ] ( 2:31 - 3:02 ) Maybe towards Chrono Trigger and Castlevania... They seem to compliment each other better because they both have a desperate feel... Who knows? I should make it longer... I expect to be hit with this... XD Too liberal - not enough connections to the source (too much original writing) Ouch! - volume too high/too much noise Overcompressed (pumping/no dynamics) Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range) And Too much.... Thought... Heheh... I'm waiting...
  5. Heya guys... My stupid harddrive finally gave up, and now is no longer useful, so I had to get a new computer... I have to restart the project, so it's gonna take a little time.. Bear with me here... - sighs -
  6. Dude, your style's hella awkward! XD I like half the idea, at least... ^__^
  7. Wow, while I've been working on it, its seems you all have bundled together and got off topic.Yeah, I do wish to work on this with someone, but I use FL8 so its a little different. I will not be taking out the authentic laugh and I will make it a little longer, wish I could work on it today, but I have to drive to Atlanta to visit someone. Anyways, I'm learning how to fix overcompression and I'm enjoying my work more... One thing though... I'm also woring on a new project from Super Mario Land and ???? [ Next crazy idea will come up. Should be Final Fantasy ] as well as doing a short demo mix of FF7 Battle theme/FF9 Boss theme/ FF7 Jenova [ Yes, it all fits together somehow.. ] Anyways, I'll have another WiP out soon. Rawr!!! :3
  8. Blind? He's an excellent artist. My favorite song of his was Jenova Celestial. But yes, I will keep working on this even though my style is a bit... Awkward... It is the Seymour battle song though, and I'm glad you picked that up, because NOONE knew what that was... - sighs - I actually wish to collaborate on someone with this but I need to work out the big kinks like overcompression and such, and as the last guy said, "closet guitar". XD Anyways, I'm glad that everyone is saying that this has potential, and I'll try my hardest not to dissapoint everyone. Is muddy another term for overcompression? Anyways, I'll work on that and extend the song and maybe remove some Chrono trigger sound effects. XD [ Although, I personally like the laugh at the end. ]
  9. Now, I may only be familiar with Y's by music [ Thanks Blue Laguna ] but that remix has SICK potential. A beautiful, rare song and a mix rock mix to it. Throw in an intro and start shredding. ^__^
  10. Ahhh, I see.... Well, For now, I can just fix the flow and ending very quickly before digging into it, and I'll send a modded WIP. ^__^ Thanks for criticism.
  11. Hi... This is uh.... My WIP dealing with a mix between Magus's theme [ Chrono Trigger ] and Seymour [ Final Fantasy X ]. I chose this song between one: The FF7+ Organ was screaming to be tampered with, two: I wanted to get the courage to submit something into OCR, 3: All of Magus's remixes sound too closely related and there are no Seymour remixes and 4: I'm actually looking for ALOT of advice or help on this for my further projects... http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/dift/Duet-of-The-Back-Mages---Re-edit-- This is my first determined WIP and chances are, I'll be hit with: ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION Too liberal - not enough connections to the source (too much original writing) PRODUCTION Too loud Drums have too much energy Overcompressed (pumping/no dynamics) Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range) [DEFINTELY FOR LACK OF SKILL.] PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI parts) Timing not tight enough STRUCTURE Lacks coherence overall (no "flow") Not enough changes in sounds (eg. static texture, not dynamic enough) Abrupt ending PERSONAL COMMENTS [ I think I'm gonna enjoy this part.] Just about covers what I think. Hopefully there will be less. XD [ Or more >__> ] But I'm going to keep a possitive face on and wait for critizism while I play Cabal online.