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  1. That's the first time you've ever said anything nice to me over the years. I'm touched, really, and since my birthday is today... I'm done. I tried altering the levels, and even cleaning up EQ, but I've cluttered up the mix so much, it's nearly impossible to sort things out. I'm pleased with what I've got and I'm ready to work on another song. Perhaps as I get better, I'll learn the whole Hertz and Db things, but for now... I'm gonna submit this and let OCR judge me. Thanks for 5 pages of help and junk. :3
  2. Hey, do you have messenger or something? o.o

  3. I would make love to this song, especially the intro.
  4. This. He's actually being nice about it, ya'know. To throw in my two cents, the the highs are really EAR-PIERCING, and the kicks can't be heard much. You definitely need some EQ'ing done. Roz may be a dick at times, but he knows what he's talking about. This is WAY too close to the source, but with a little help from the forums and a bit more creativity, you can turn this noob mix into something grand. :3
  5. This is a remix? This sounds like it should have been the actual song in the game! I'm really loving the progression, I wish you luck!
  6. Start it up again! D: I'll even help if I have to! I love the way this is going, this is totally a unique attempt!
  7. Jesus Christ on a dinosaur, how could I have missed this?! D: I TOTALLY love this! <3333
  8. Dude, TOTALLY humanize the piano, and this is a sure winner. I don't even do much trance, but I love the style! UPDATE: I would totally switch out FL Keys for a better soundfont IMO. Live recorded piano is lovely, but does much more justice with a soundfont/kontakt.
  9. "So, I actually play the song and screen shot, so you'll be able to see where things are hot? So, does this mean putting an equalizer on the master track? Not to mention, I'm using a brickwall compression like you said. At what time should I screen shot?" "It took SOOOOOO long to get even moderately decent at drums! If you mean the Jenova Synthesis, [ Get it? ] that actually came up by accident. I wanted a nice intro. Sounds more Magus-like, now that I think of it. I'd post a vidya tab, but I'd need a better sound card for my computer. It can almost kinda handle 6 instances of Guitar Rig 4 at once. As for tabs, you'd actually wanna learn that?" XD "No center imaging, huh? Well, the left-panned guitar is a fifth harmonic. I don't play it loud, but its rather nice with pitch bend. And the rhythm guitars are kinda loud to me, but hey~ I did the whole song with iPod Touch earphones. Also... Would you believe me if I said that the bass is louder than the rhythm guitars you hear? The notes are turned up to the max, but the levels are lowered due to the phaser bass kinda taking over. What I can do, is run it through audacity, remove vocal center and see what's wrong." "What does it mean to be "hot"? I normally get the over-compression/muddy complaints. And I'm glad you noticed that. I wondered why I liked my old demo more than the new one. I won't change anything, other than making an OCR-safe and Youtube version. I'm itching to get this over with!"
  10. I would be too, but I don't think the judges would allow a vocal clip from Devil May Cry, so it will be removed. As for the other vocals, they can remain.
  11. "Funny, I actually turned the bass down since it was almost eating up the mix. Also, the vocals weren't meant to be clear, but I'll be removing them, anyways." "I'm very pleased to hear!" 0:04 The violins play this. 0:10 The rhythm guitars/synths play this. 0:31 The lead plays this. 0:46 The rhythm guitars/bass plays this. 0:58 The synth plays late in my song, but does this, but not only this, the chord of the rhythm guitars during the chorus re derived from this. "I guess you can say a lot of the chords were made up since the original bassline in the song seemed kinda boring. o.o So, while it's it's far from conservative, I don't feel as if it's not off topic enough. I could be wrong, though."
  12. Care to hear my latest and probably final version of my song? :D

  13. My friend, I require your assistance one more time. :D

  14. I require a second review from you. :3

  15. Is it time for another mod review! I've been tapping a little potential out of it, but I still need a little more improvement, maybe! :3 [ Comment, comment, comment! ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro-LJ8vHTn8
  16. Okay, okay, but I have 2 sets of rhythms. One that sounds more like bass, and the other that you hear kind of loud. Steinberg Virtual Guitarist I. And yes, picking DOES sound way less robotic. Brick wall? Is there a preset? How do you explain this? I'm using a random soundfont for the violin with reverb and. My lead tone sounds odd? I'm using Guitar Rig 4 for the lead. [ Echolead ] I'm also using Guitar Rig 4 and TH-1 Overloud for the rhythm guitars.
  17. I got my computer fixed, but I decided to take a step back and do what I did best to keep this free flowing... Make a remix that travels in no pure direction! It's time you see the style I've returned with!
  18. Sorry you guys, my computer exploded. I'll be out of commission for a bit!
  19. I've rearranged the track to make it a little more progressive. The beginning bit is completely changed. Oh, and I've been doing some guitar riff training to make a 'certain' tune sound more familiar. <3 My upload will be here in an hour or so. :3 Crap! Forgot to enable my amp. Re-rendering...
  20. Violin is a soundfont. If you can use it, I can attach it.