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  1. Oh darn, I just realized that they are each doing a separate mix of the song...
  2. I thought it was very interesting to see McVaffe and Sixto in a collab, its going to be interesting.
  3. Wow, they kinda hated on the tales album, but good review though, it didn't ramble on a bunch of already known facts. I actually didn't read the song description part because I don't like to see things before they actually come! Its almost like christmas knowing what's coming the next day!
  4. Or perhaps when you are looking at a certain song, you can see other songs that are similar to it.
  5. At 5:18 a voice whispers part of Psalms 23(The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters...). I've been curious why Vigilante decided to put it in there.
  6. Oops!! I was just checking back on my message and noticed that. I found that directory and was able to access the mp3s. I am just worried that it might screw it up if put them in the wrong spot...
  7. My old ipod nano 3rd generation broke and i got a new nano chromatic for christmas. I backed up the files of my old ipod but don't know exactly where to put them on my new ipod.
  8. I am so hyped to see a megamanX1 remix coming!!! Thanks
  9. Just a nickname my friend gave me.
  10. why not? If i made a long title it would not get much views, most people like short titles
  11. I did that and i looked at tons of pages... i am not stupid
  12. Where can i find the original Mega man X soundtrack ?
  13. I can't find the original soundtrack to Viewtiful Joe Does anyone know where i can find it
  14. Mega man X1 needs to have an album made or maybe the whole X1- X3 but X1 is awesome, please do an album!!! the first highway song is great. Maybe throw in some of the charge up sounds in one the songs like in beamsabre beat.
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