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  1. What makes me mad is going back to what some of you touched on earlier about how almost all video game based movies are made really, really poorly... Uwe Boll, who is notorious for making bad video game adaptations, admitted, without any sense of guilt, that he never plays video games. He makes movies based on them because it is easy to sell a film with a name that is already recognized. Basically, its an easy cash in. How could you make a movie that related closely to a game which you never played. Isn't that like making a movie from a book, but only reading the cliff notes? (Although I've written some damn good papers that way...lol) The way he said it too (wish I still had the youtube clip bookmarked) was almost condescending, like "I never play video games" was like saying "I don't waste my time with something so worthless". It seemed as if he made sure to get that line in, so that other important people wouldn't think that he actually *gasp* played the games he made movies about. I'm sure most video game-to-movie directors are of the same type.
  2. I hated the crappy MMO style battle system in FFXII. In fact, I hate MMO's, not because of the concept, but because of the fetch quests, grind, and the bland battle systems. Never got into FFXII at all because it was like the worst of both worlds. IMHO of course.... I thought this trailer was incredible, and the battle system looked really fun, like it was returning to the roots of classic JRPG's with a lot modern updates. I'm an SNES/PSX RPG junkie, so from what I saw, it was just what I wanted. I predict another great FF, and we are due. In the modern era, we've had 7, then 10, so 13 fits the pattern. (This is not to say that 8 or 9 were not good, just not to the caliber of 7 or 10, again imho)
  3. I never knew the PSP was backwards compatible with all ps1 games, you load the games onto a memory stick I assume, through your computer, or how?
  4. Ok, well I see that at least Sinewave, Bardic, & Cobalt and myself of some interest in getting an OC DnD thing going, possibly a late weeknight? 4 is not a bad start, a couple more and a DM and it could work, although I don't want to be in charge of organizing anything, I'm not too good at it. I can try and get the ball rolling though, and see if it takes. I s'pose if we started by posting our availability (if interested) then we could see where to go from there? If we got some gamers from here we could check some of the other websites and see if anyone would want to jump in. I'll start; I would be available (eastern time) 11:30pm (probably more like 11:45) Mon-Thursday & Sunday also I could be around on Wed/Fri between 11am and 4pm and also on Tuesday/Thursday between 1:30pm and 4pm (yeah my work schedule is goofy...)
  5. The play by post concept confuses me a little bit... That would be like playing in a forum like this right? Wouldn't that move along pretty slowly? And if someone was mia for a while couldn't it bring things to a screeching halt? Maybe it would be fun, but the IRC (that would be a chat room right?) sounds like a much more efficient way to go to me. I had quite a bit of fun back in the day doing that. I think it would be awesome to get a game going sometime, of course I may be too difficult to work in because of my time schedule (midnight eastern time like I mentioned in post #1) Anyways if some people want to get a late night game going let me know that's exactly what I've been looking for, but if not then it's cool too. I guess we'd need someone to DM (I use to do a bit of that but I just don't have the time or skill to put together a decent campaign) As far as rules etc. I don't even own any books anymore. I don't really care about the rules and the #'s, I would just want a good DM to take care of that for me, and let me just play my character as realistically as I can. I'd let the DM do all the calculations and let me know my limits or whatever.
  6. Hey all, Newb here, I lurk a plenty and have been listening to the music for many years. Had a question concerning online RPG's that I can't find the answer to, and this site seems to be filled with people who can help out with this sort of thing. Anyone know a good way to find and join an online game? I found several sites, but it's not really easy to connect with players especially with my limited schedule. I'm actually looking to play once a week on a weeknight starting at 11pm central or later. I found wizard.com and a few others, but it seems like this has gotten harder then it used to be years ago. Also, I remember some fancy website was being created for online d&d games (it had a snazzy interface to create your character and chat rooms etc.) but it was still in progress. I think it was a pretty high profile, professional deal, but I lost track of it. Anyways, any suggestions to point me in the right direction would be great. I have done about 2 hours of Google searching and apparently am not smart/resourceful enough to find the answer.
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