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    Didn't read the whole thread, so maybe some people already touched on it, but you should really check out Goa Trance or Psychadelic Trance (Psytrance) Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, and Astrix are my 3 favorite Psytrance groups. Almost all instrumental, very rarely any lyrics. Just some really really cool music. And then for something more Drum and Bass, Pendulum is the best there is in my opinion. The entire Hold Your Colour album is absolutely amazing. Some songs on the album have lyrics, some don't, but for one of the best melody driven songs on the album, check out Fasten your Seatbelt. Then to get a REAL wide range of electronic style, check out all the Bonkers albums. You'll get happy hardcore, hardcore, trance, general techno stuff, Gabber, Nu Style...just about everything. Bonkers albums are like, the epitome of electronic music. I think they're up to Bonkers 17 now. Personally I think the Bonkers albums started getting really good at about 13. Artists of special note on the Bonkers albums are Hixxy for your more happy hardcore type stuff, and then Scott Brown, Dougal, and Gammer for the darker, heavier stuff. Anything you download by Scott Brown will almost always be amazing, he's a great DJ. For some really different stuff, check out The Flashbulb. Not for everyone, but I think he has some amazing music. If you want something from the Japanese side of things, Teranoid & MC Natsack are really good. (Some might know Teranoid from his song Gigadelic from Beatmania IIDX.) Uh, what else...Saxxonpike has some awesome melody driven electronic music. Does some video game remixes as well. Check out his website. http://sanxion7.bemaniso.ws/news.html Well, hopefully that gives you quite enough electronic music to listen to and find your favorite style.
  2. Yeah, the synths I used are just random ones I picked out of the reason soundbank, and the drums are...well, almost non-existant at this point. I'm definitely working on some more powerful sounding instruments, and the drum track will be really fleshed out. Like I said, this is just a quick concept I thew together because I only had about 30 minutes before I had to go to work, but I didn't want to forget the idea I had. So I decided I'd post it up and see if anyone had any feedback just on this simple little clip. Got my new Sennheiser Studio Headphones and gonna work on this for a few hours and post up something a little bit more polished.
  3. I've always imagined the Haunted Woods theme done in a more electronic/Industrial style, so this is a quick idea I came up with for a remix of it. So here's a 40 second clip that I wrote just to get the basic idea down. This is just a concept piece, if someone listens to this and actually thinks it's a good concept, I'll sit down and really flesh it out into a real song. None of these instruments are finalized, there's a ton of reverb on the drums, haven't really done any eq or mastering yet... It's just a quick concept I came up with. So let me know what you think of this idea! http://home.mchsi.com/~truman_groves/HauntedWoodsVERYroughWiP.mp3
  4. Not sure how many of you are knowledgable about the Lost Experience from last summer, but it gives some pretty big clues as to who Naomi is working for, who's on the boat, and WHAT the boat is. I'm almost 100% certain that the ship that Naomi came from is Mittelwerks ship, the Helgus Antonius that he had custom built by Paik Heavy Industries. The ship was made to have quarantine zones, and is a hospital/containter ship. I think it's fairly obvious why Ben and John don't want the boat to come to the Island. I'm not sure HOW they know, but they know that the ship is carrying the Spider Virus (Spider Protocol) And Mittelwerk is coming to release it on the island. Reading the memo from Mittelwerk during the Lost Experience Game confirms this. Team - After careful scrutiny of the census figures, geological reports, customs inquiries and geographical surveys prepared by yourselves and the experts at the CCS, the core group has deemed, regretfully, that site alpha --------- (4888), beta (1060), and delta (10120) remain unsuitable for carrying 00000000000000>>>> out the SPIDER PROTOCOL -- even taking into consideration the recommended parametric recalibrations. -------- Despite my initial (and continued) reticence, it seems that fate has dealt its card. We may have no choice but to fall back to the original island target. While THF has not utilized the site for some time, its unique properties render it more than adequate for our purposes at this particular juncture. Namaste. TM THF, obviously, is The Hanso Foundation, and they haven't utilized "The Island" since Dharma was wiped out however many years ago. But now Mittelwerk wants to go back and test the Spider Virus on the island. And, of course, the map that Mittelwerk was carrying could very well be the Lost Island. (Note the small Island to the north, which is possibly the smaller Island that Jack and Kate and Sawyer were taken to) So yeah, the Helgus Antonius is on it's way to the Island to unleash the Virus onto the island for testing. (Maybe Dharma tested it once before, hence the QUARANTINE on the inside of all the Dharma hatches. Or maybe they planned to test it in the future and just QUARANTINE stamped all the doors just to be safe.) If you're not familiar with The Lost Experience, check out Lostpedia for all the info on it, including info on the Helgus Antonius and the blueprints for the ship, Mittelwerks plans, the full Dharma Orientation video and Mittelwork talking about his Spider Virus and how he wants to unleash it upon the world.
  5. I'm having troubles with my Midi-Keyboard being plugged into my computer. I plug the keyboard in, and everything works fine. But when I go to record in Reason, there is a 32nd note delay from when I hit a key on the piano and when the note is actually played in reason. Since I usually play the Piano through an NN-XT, and turn down my keyboards volume, this makes it really weird to play, since you have to wait about 1/8th of a second before you hear the note play through Reason. So I have 2 questions. 1. How can I get rid of this delay from Piano to Reason? 2. Is there a way to play the Reason Modules such as the NNXT through my keyboard, so I don't have to turn down my keyboards volume when I am playing through Reason?
  6. I've come out of hibernation/lurking to say that you are not alone. Maybe I'm just missing something here since I didn't follow the creation of this album on the forums. The songs are great in production quality and could easily stand alone, but some of them bear so little resemblance to the game's tracks that I struggle to find the original melody. I just don't see how some of them made it into an album dedicated to the game. But as one above poster said, beggars can't be choosers. I'm just disappointed that the classic melodies I'd loved from DKC years ago are so subdued and hard to follow in the tracks on this album. See, I'm the other way around. My favorite tracks on the album are the ones that are very liberal takes on the originals. If I want nostalgia, I'll listen to the original song. I want to hear other peoples takes on it, and I like to hear it in a very different style. GrayLightnings Fear Factory mix is probably the best example of this. It's just an AMAZING song, and it's such a different style from the original. The original would probably be most suited to a techno/trance remix, and that would be pretty boring compared to what GrayLightning has done.
  7. Funky Monkey Love is the funniest song EVER. As soon as the lyrics started I was laughing SOOOOOOOOooo hard. That song needs a parental advisory on it, hahahahahahaha. This music is all amazing though, AMAZING. It's so awesome I think I'll seed this torrent for all time so people can always get it.
  8. I LOOOVE this remix. This song is just awesome. One of my favorites.
  9. That solo choral patch used is amazing, and really makes this song something special. A lot of Dr. Wily Castle 1 remixes are heavy, fast, and generally all the same and usually boring. But this one and Dr. Wilys wedding are both really awesome, since their slow style really deviates from the original.
  10. This is simply amazing. One of the best Overclocked Remixes in a very long time. I never imagined this track could have so much potential, but Malcos has rearranged this song so well....wow. I mean, wow, I can't even put into words how much I love this remix. This is easily one of my top 5 favorite remixes on this site. Really, the song is sort of simple, with not a whole lot going on...but something about it just really catches me as spectacular. The way the pizzicato strings seem to blend in so well with everything else...I dunno, it's just a great song! Nice Work! Only bad part is the ending...fade outs aren't so great =/ But it's not that big of a deal, the song is just really catchy and awesome. And the fact that this awesome piece of music was based off of, while cool, very repititous source material.
  11. Wow - I had forgotten about this song when my hard-drives got formatted. I KNEW I remembered an awesome remix of the dustman song, and I'm glad I remembered this. One of the best remixes on the sight, and it's like, 3 years old too, so a lot has come after it. That's saying a lot.
  12. Awesome. Very well made, extremely high quality. I love this.
  13. I loved the honeybee manor song, I don't know why so many people hated it. I thought it was great. And this remix is great too. The soundfonts are a little lacking, but not super bad. This is great remix though! Nice Work!
  14. This song, like all of Prots stuff, gets a 100/100 in my book. It's the perfect remix, that all other remixers should strive for.
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