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  1. So, I'm new to the community here and I'm just now getting a taste of what a remix actually IS... I think this is definitely one of the songs I can look up to and honestly try and dissect the meaning of the word "REMIX". Wonderful job. This is something I would pay money to sit in a cafe and order expensive coffee while I listened in a euphoric state!
  2. Yeah, ToN! Way to kick ass!! Just wanted to say congratulations (from me and Ms. Abbyface!!) on your first posted remix! Thanks for introducing me to the community and I'm really excited for you!
  3. Hi there everyone! Just thought i'd stick my $0.02 in for the introduction thread! I prefer to go by Tsukasa, so if you would like to call me that instead of 'the scar in the twilight' then yeah, have at it. Anywho, one of your members on the OC community (Theory of Nonexistence , AKA ToN) introduced me to the site and I'm gonna see what I can contribute! Anyway, I'll see you all on the IRC channel soon enough! Happy remixing!
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