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  1. Jesus H. Tap-Dancin' Christ on a pogo stick. It's like-- like compressed awesome. Awesome in a can. *melt* MOAAAAAAAR
  2. Pros: The instrumentals were incredible. I loved the strings and guitar particularly, very smooth. Cons: To be completely honest, I don't like the vocals in this very much. And sadly, this song depends largely on the quality of the vocals. Please understand I'm not saying the singer sucks or anything, this song is absurdly difficult to sing.
  3. Y'know, I'll admit that's it's probably because I've been falling asleep to version 1.6 ever since I had the marvelous fortune to e-stumble across it, but... I prefer to 1.6 to most of the changes made. Particularly the whole stretch from 3:00 to about 3:33. After knowing and loving 1.6 for so long, that bit was like finding a raisin in a perfectly good cookie. Here's the thing, though... and I know I'm being a evil, fickle, bastard jerk-face... but I love the opening to version 2.0. I like the opening to version 1.6 more for this song, but I after having just listened to version 2.0, I find myself wanting to hear the whole closing 'setting sail' tune again... Just not at the beginning. Sorry! I'd offer viable suggestions if I could, but my area of expertise lies in people-noise. First Edit: Jesus H. tap-dancin' Christ on a pogo-stick! Put them together! Like the first 15 seconds from 1.6, then the 2.0 opening!! ...Shutting up. Second Edit: So I kinda mulled it over a bit; I like the second half of the Outset Island theme addition, and I really love the Journey beginning. Maybe work Journey into the end...? Something I forgot to mention earlier as well, I DO love the addition of Zelda's Lullaby to the end, that felt like a completely natural ending to the song. Speaking of the ending, one tiny little thing that's irritated me from the beginning-- the piano chord at the end doesn't resolve. And it's just.... gah. >,<
  4. Rough my ass! ...Okay, didn't think that one through. THIS SOUNDS AWESOME! Seriously, if this is the rough draft, I really wanna listen to the final! Oh, don't you dare change the 8-bit. Screw the naysayers. SUBMIT PLEEZ.
  5. You know, the other night I was feeling kinda nostalgic and I decided to play through the Elite Four in Pokemon Crystal, and having finished the game and beaten said Four many times already, I was done pretty quickly. But just as I was about to switch off my GameBoy, the game credits started to roll, and I was suddenly reminded how much I loved that ending song! Some remix this gorgeous thing, or at least tell me where I can find the song, pleez!
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