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  1. amazing remix! i got chills at "I'm never givin' you up"... <3 @sixtywatt: the singers are Draco, Maria (briefly), and the chorus (which i assume represents enemies of him and/or his family). The song starts at the end briefly and then goes back to the beginning and goes from there. the lyrics denote the time of each scene as well.
  2. Wow, took a look at the disc artwork..... its awesome! is there going to be a hard copy release? i'd totally shell some cash out for this just based on the disc art alone.
  3. yeah, Hihidaruma has some insane stats....... Daruma Mode Hihidaruma w/ Belly Drum is ridiculous lol, but it'll probably be more successful than people think. I'm drooling over Ononokusu......amazing stats and his head looks like an AXE! I've heard that firepig is a really strong starter......
  4. After looking at the tracklist, I'm surprised that the Gary Champion theme wasn't on it. I totally thought My Greatest Rival was a Gary Champion remix...... oh well, i'm happy that the project is so close, and the cover looks great.
  5. ah. I play Ubers on Shoddy a lot, so yeah. I'm also a big fan of Mewtwo.
  6. i'm mostly excited about the abilities that old pokemon gain from the Dream World. I mean, some abilities are amazing, like Speed Boost Blaziken and Overconfidence Salamence. Mewtwo gets his own signature move now at level 100: Psycho Break. 100 BP, 100% accuracy, and uses Mewtwo's 150 Sp.Atk base stat, but deals out physical damage. MEWTWO STRIKES BACK
  7. tell that to Terra during Xehanort battle. obviously dodging is great and all, but when it really matters, its weaknesses really show.
  8. Barrier is also the best block, as it blocks around you as well. The Block command that Ven/Terra have only blocks in front of them when they use it, making it less effective.
  9. In terms of combo finishes, i dislike Ven's. It feels like it just doesn't cover the same damage output as Terra/Aqua, and that the range is kinda weak in comparison to Terra's. Aqua's finish surrounds her and inflicts status effects which is beast. The command deck i was using for Aqua would usually allow me to access Bladecharge or Ghost Drive easily. Bladecharge's finish isn't good enough. I felt Critical Impact was good, but Dark Impulse disappointed me, as I don't use Dark commands much. I have not gotten far enough with Ven to get more styles. I usually just use Zero Graviga and link t
  10. haha. i just get annoyed since Ven fails to match Terra's/Aqua's damage output and he suffers from crappy block command. Who needs to dodge when you can Barrier Counter everything? I try to run max Magic reload boost and hp boost, but i'm kinda lazy with Ven. i had trouble with Terra, so i had to do some melding to fix his problem against his final story boss. I believe i ran 8 curagas since you don't need anything else lol. which command style was your favorite? I loved Bladecharge, Ghost Drive, and Wingblade. especially Ghost Drive. please no spoilers, i'm not done with Ven story and con
  11. I've been playing this game pretty much non-stop since i got it, and I'm through Aqua's and Terra's story. Currently on Ven's story. umm.........Aqua is pretty much the best character. There, i said it. Aqua would crush all of Terra's bosses(you know which one I'm talking about in particular). Otherwise, the three characters are just fun. Ven still sucks.
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