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  1. Nobuo Uematsu. Meeting the legend who has forever changed the way people listen to music would be beyond amazing. Hope I win. Hehe
  2. Oh noice, you joined OCR forums on my last birthday! <3 <3 <3

  3. DarkSpaz

    Personal Opinions

    I was just curious to what people think were "best of" in a variety of game series such as: harshest betrayal for me would be having to fight Kain as Cecil on ff2 (4). Any other thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the comment on my profile page! :) I will return the favor in kind now, mwahahaha...

  5. Just wanted to leave a comment on about your deviant art work, I especially like the Rydia picture VERY nice, I would have left a comment on there, but I didn't want to make an account. Lol.

  6. DarkSpaz

    OC ReMix @ ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2009

    Nice, another awesome event coming to my hometown i will surely look into going, although nothing is written in stone as of yet for me
  7. The showing here in dallas lasted about 3 hours, maybe a little under, but trust me WELL worth it! it was an epic show and highly HIGHLY recommend it to those who can attend