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  1. You've nailed Twoson, no doubt about it - and if I hadn't been previously mesmerised by Brawl's version of Snowman / Winter Theme then I would be by yours.
  2. Now that's ambience. I can just feel the seeds of eeriness scattered throughout this piece -> if you can take that further with the other memorable themes from MM (some of which are brilliantly eerie) then this'll blow minds.
  3. Brilliant, yet my ears so desperately yearn for that 'Departure' sequence which was present at the intro for v2.0. It set up the atmosphere perfectly for what was to come.
  4. I think Hero knew before hand anyway - it's just funny that Star Wars was mentioned in particular here. Never mind the standards, this is brilliant. Of all the VGM parallels I've heard I cannot believe I've missed this one, it may actually stand a fighting chance at submission given due moderation and just enough modification to remove the obvious reference of Star Wars, and reduce it to something only those dedicated few would pick-up.
  5. Your change to the intro was very cleverly done; bringing out your original sequence before the introduction of the remix keeps listeners waiting for that cue, little by little the tune becomes closer to what is familiar - that has been perfected here quite well. I have little more to say - the subdued break has definitely made the entire piece much more dynamic just with the removal of the drums; great work there, although one note: the layering of the oboe in that segment seems to have also compounded the amplitude of the output resulting in an uncomfortably high volume - see if you cannot reduce / subdue that to make it as subtle and as fluid as possible. That's all for now, from what I've heard this is starting to sound more like the final piece.
  6. Great work DJ V, I've been following the updates since v3 - and hearing a remix grow into something even more spectacular is just what OCR is about. A few comments on what you've changed / introduced: Firstly, the lead instrument sounded fine in the v8 rendition - the new one you've introduced is lighter yet it decreases the solidity / clarity of each distinct note in the beginning (it also brings to mind a cat-like overtone, just me maybe?); the previous lead ins. should sound fine with the EQ refinements you made in v9. The sword-draw foley at 2:28 right before the scale change was pure brilliance - great addition. If I may say so - make it louder so the listener will definitely hear it! Lastly, the flute lead at 2:55 sounded as if it were trying to capture the root of the piece - as in the subtle essence; I suggest cutting out the drums and background for the 16 sec between 2:55 -> 3:11 - reintroducing it exactly at that build-up at 3:11 to really heighten that sense of moderation and allow the listener a moment to 'breath' so to speak before wrapping it up. Have a listen to that and see if it makes a difference. Also consider changing the flute to something a little more fluid in transition between notes, possibly a brass instrument such as a trombone or tuba for a moment of grandiose.
  7. The layering build-up was done quite well, and the piece certainly fits into the minimalist catagory - I guess the one thing which you could extend upon is more originality from yourself to wake up the listener; by which I mean not just remixing the theme but also adding your compositional accompaniment right next to it. Even with a subtle approach this piece can be effective and gripping. This piece has quite the potential and I like where it's going - find the pace and build on that as much as you can, making sure that there is some variation between loops.
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