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  1. Hi, there. My name is David Mitchell. I'm a film student in Colorado. I was wondering if I could use your song "Plumbers Bane" for a short film?

  2. Thanx Guys. This was definitely a fun song to work on and I still catch myself listening, and analysing it from time to time. I'm very proud of it, flaws and all. I wonder if anyone picked up on my little homage to the theme song from Fringe at about 3:10? I am also very glad that I didn't miss 2010 with a mixpost! lol I know a few people have said I should do more, and I do actually produce more then one mix a year. But I don't submit the 'not so good' stuff and there is a bit of that. I should start work on 2011 mix now and maybe get 2 in this year! haha And for all those that loved it, here is the alternate ending to the song, which was just cut off the end of version posted here. It features music from the original WII version of Cave Store, not the updated one! ENJOY Click here to listen to The Angels of Hell alt ending.mp3
  3. Actually, quite a bit of minor and a few major changes have happened since the last version posted here. And the file size thing is ok too. I COULD post a link to the submitted version here, but I'd rather not. For those that have ot heard it, they will have to wait. lol r
  4. Yeah, I am very happy with this song too.. Kinda impressed myself with it. Hope the judges feel the same way!
  5. Update.... IT'S FINISHED!!!!! AND SUBMITTED!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck.
  6. Here is my first attempt at a finished mix of the song I've been working on.. Still not completely satisfied. See top post for details. RH
  7. Still working on them I'm gonna tinker a bit with the equalization a small bit and a few other settings. I still have to set up keyswitches (changing the way the certain notes are played; up, down, accented, etc, for certain sections. Right now, I have added ZERO reverb to any of the instruments, all you hear is what was recorded naturally with the front mics when the guys from EWQL made the samples. When the arrangement is totally completed, I'm gonna go back and mix in samples recorded from mics at the back of the hall (surround mics) which can give lots of natural hall reverberation. (I upgraded to the "platinum pro xp" version of EWQLSO.) Of all the instruments, the piano needed the most work, especially in the section where it is more exposed. Still working on it. The major clipping has already been fixed. I'm still toying with ideas for a proper ending, as the chiptune bit is more of a joke then anything. When I submit it, that part will not be there. That being said, I'm still not happy with the way the main song ends as is. Sick of the song? hahaha! It always takes me a long time to finish a song, especially now that I'm trying new things to really add some realism to the song. Thanks for the advice Mono, I think it's helping!! RR
  8. Ok, so I did some major upgrading to my sample library and also started looking at new ways to make the instruments in my songs sound more 'real'. I know I said the last version would be the last WIP but I decided to keep making improvements to the song. Here is a quickly thrown together version, Some changes have already been made since this version was mixed including: -changing the intro string arrangement AGAIN -humanizing and changing the piano section. -fixing the clipped part at the end.
  9. I think I have figured out why, or at least part of the reason. I'm using ESQLSO Gold XP Pro for all of the samples in the song and I have recently confirmed that, as I expected, I have been using the sample library to (maybe) 40% of it's full potential. I have found a 123 page manual for the library and I plan on getting into more of the finer points of the program before I put out a final version of the song. I am also unhappy with the over use of strings and lack of much else (brass for example) in the song, as well as many of the cymbals need to be removed/altered/fixed. So that being said, the song has a bit more work needed yet and I hope I can make it sound a bit more realistic. If anyone has any experience in fine tuning ESQLSO Gold stings, any help would be great. RR
  10. One last update of the WIP before I finish it completely. See first post for info.
  11. That Piano which was at the end is now gone.. It was only a temporary place holder. No new version posted thou, I'm waiting till i get something more substantial gone. For those not familiar with the sources, I added some links to the first post in thread. RR
  12. UPDATED Final Mix Attempt 1: "The Angels of Hell" Here is my first attempt at a final Mix of "The Angles of Hell" Not completely happy with the result; the Short flute notes at the beginning sound 'odd', I think some of the EQing is off, and maybe I need to add some compression here and there. I think I'm done the the composition part of the song and now I need to work on the actual production... the part I am least good at. So all help is welcome!!! The music is based on the Wii and original version of Cave Story. Sources: Scorching Back: Main Theme: [url=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX9feeYHL1c Running Hell: [url=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1VTkwllQ8Q Thanx RR
  13. I have a full version of this song, But have not uploaded it. I will shortly. I have not mentioned on this post but there will be more parts to Plumber's Bane in the future. I have Part III in ther works and have an idea for Part IV. Thou there isn't much to post yet, Part III will focus on the SMW castle theme and also the NSMBW Castle theme featured in the New version of Part II. Stay Tuned
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