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  1. If this thread does not belong in Gen. discussion, feel free to move the thread. I just got into my first car accident today and I'm scared.. Please forgive me for any typos and disorganized sentences.. I'm freaking out so.. A little detail: live in Canada . the car's Toyota Camry. We have MB PUBLIC Insurance.(Valid until 09) we pay about $1300 annually. The other car hit the "right frontal door" of my car from behind. It could have been my fault but not sure. The door got caved in but it's not too serious. No injuries on both drivers. We exchanged license# &phone# plate#. NO witnesses. I've renewed the insurance on behalf of my mother(away for 3 months) and I'm the one paying for insurance(w/ visa). I did renew my MOTHER's license too. However.. the PROBLEM is my mother is the registered owner of the vehicle. 1. Could you explain the steps I need to go through? go to the "Toyota collision centre"? 2. Do I need to file a "police report"? 3. Do I have to contact the other driver about the details once things get straightened out? 4. The most important question.. would this car be "covered"? Technically I'm NOT the registered owner. If I'm not covered by the insurance, I guess I'm doomed, I can't pay for any major repair on top of the monthly insurance i'm already paying.. man... I don't know. I feel so stupid. Please give me some advice if you have a few minutes to spare.. Thank you very much for reading.. I do appreciate your help.
  2. I've always liked the underwater theme in DKC2.. kinda psychedelic..
  3. Thank you so much, you guys. I'm looking up all the bands you recommended on Youtube.(just to get a taste) I also have a list of my own if you don't mind. They range anywhere from melodic hard-rock to Power metal.. Autumn Tears BB Steal Baltimoore Candy Harlots Electric Boys Melidian Bang Tango Cry Wolf J.R Blackmore group Chinchilla Emergency (Swedish) Crystal Tears Stormzone Brighton Rock You should check them out. Thank you very much for your time.
  4. Thank you very much, Bahamut. I'll check them out. Blind Guardian.. well.. I see your point. One of their songs just creeped me out. Maybe I'll give them another listen. Helloween.. sounds kinda familiar. Isn't that a 'power ballad' band?(no clue)
  5. Congratulations on the recital~! We're sure you did amazing.^^
  6. Well, glam metal is cool. I wouldn't call it gay.
  7. I have a quick question. Bombs over Bagdad by Outkast(rap duo). http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=-XBgXBvI8a0 Is that a drum&bass track?? That's what Wikipedia said but we can't trust Wiki all the time..
  8. I love hard rock/metal music that's more melodic and gutar-driven.(lots of riffs, not too many power ballads like Strangeways) One time, I listened to a couple songs by this band called Dark Tranquility, I loved the riffs but the death-metal vocal(shrieking/growling) really turned me off. I don't know why but it just annoyed me. Dunno. I guess I'm not used to that type of creepy devilish voice. (had the same shock when I stumbled upon 'blind guardian'[just creepy, ominous sound] and 'cradle of filth') So.. could you guys please recommend good "melodic"(fast, guitar-driven, lots of riffs) hard-rock/metal bands that do not have too much growling vocals?? By that am I referring to 'LA metal' bands(GnR)? I don't know.. just throwing terms around. Most of the bands I know fall into that 'MTV band' category.. so I need some help. Thank you for reading.
  9. Wait a minute.. I just looked up your profile. You're only 21?(well about my age) And a major in music education? That's amazing but.. there isn't any degree or certificate related to the computers though. I understand your goodwill but how can we trust you'll build everything from scratch and have the computer running in a good condition? Just curious.
  10. Hello? "the prophet" Are you serious about this? Because I am very interested in your offer. How does the payment work? Do I pay you upfront before ordering the parts..? or what? The problem is I live in Winnipeg Canadia. I believe Winnipeg is pretty close to the U.S though..(really?) I certainly wouldn't mind the shipping cost..(if it's below $150 mark) if the deal is reasonable.(I guess slightly[about $200??] below the retail price.[not the individual parts but the whole thing.. you know what I mean]) I don't know maybe I live too far away from you. Where's Houghton NY anyway? Is that New York? The closest I've ever been to the U.S is North Dakota. The computers(come with warranties and everything) at local "futureshops" always lack two or three features I'm looking for, be it enough rams.. et cetera. This place called Computer Boulevard(you buy parts from them, they build computers) has reasonable prices.. but they're rather difficult to do business with.. I have the money though.. about $2000 budget(that's about all I can afford) for the computer.(excluding the LCD monitor) But I don't know what cards to get, which motherboard would be compatible with my old hard drives, how much ram is required to run 'Giga sampler' and so forth. I've been stuck with my old comp(Intel 1.6Ghz,256MB Ram) for 6 years, I did buy a nice LCD monitor,a new MAXTOR hard drive and an OK graphic card but it's still the same old computer. Turns out, the graphic card(RADEON 8500pro 256MB? or something like that) was already 'outdated', the 300G MAXTOR hard drive is not compatible with my old motherboard.(CAN'T use it, just gathering dust) the cords are way too old it's making my computer even slower. I keep racking up more $$. Very frustrating. I only want the "whole process" to be painless and hassle-free, the cost is secondary. maybe I'll PM you with questions or details later.
  11. many anime theme songs tend to be ridiculously happy, I mean just ridiculous.. 'Can't take my eyes off of you' comes to mind. 'Nightbirds' by Shakatak is a good choice. Mostly instrumental. 'closer' by NIN is actually a pretty dancable, almost happy song.. A lot of people don't see that. There's some good pop sensibility behind his agonizing voice.(and nothing wrong with it)
  12. I can give myself a little credit for learning difficult fingerstyle songs on my acoustic. One time, I dedicated this one song to girl.. on a student talent night thingy, and I played it alright and it made her cry.. It's not some kind of achievement.. But it was an instrumental song, and people often don't even pay attention to a solo guitar player performing alone, esp. acoustic, with no singing at all. Of course, I give all the credit to the composer. I don't know.. looking back.. I'ven't achieved anything yet.. I guess I was trying to write down something to be proud of and failed. Hopefully I'll be like one of OCR's top remixers someday.. like Mcvaffe, and/or become an amazing fingerstyle player like Chet Atkins. That'll be so sweet.
  13. Wouldn't it be pretty sweet if we can see Matt Uelman(who did the soundtracks for Diablo 1&2) writing the score for Diablo 3. I've always admired his work. It fits right with the dark, gloomy atmosphere in Diablo, wasn't just another background music. His music sounds ethereal with some 'Portishead' thrown in it.. I don't know it just sounds so dreamy..
  14. I have a few questions regarding Kwed remixes. 1.A lot of kred remixers seem to have a similar(a little bit) sound, which is.. an odd synth sound with some trance beat. is that because they seem to use the same techniques/samples? 2.Why do they do the song 'comic bakery' a lot? They seem to select only certain songs,(as opposed to OCR), like Last Ninja,COMIC BAKERY, Commando and such. 3.I assume.. they're mostly trance/electronic composers? A lot of remixes sound like something I've never heard before.. and I know absolutely nothing about them. So please help..
  15. we all know we can't compare genre or instrument, and music was wrtten for each instrument for a reason. I play guitar/flute/harmonica a little bit. my main is guitar. but when we're talking versatility, isn't piano much better at EXPRESSING musically? Piano has so much more range. A guitar piece can be done with only ONE hand of a pianist, as much as i don't like to admit.. I've always thought guitar can mean more, because it's a string and not a key. You can slap,bend,pick... whatever. Keys can't have a Yngwie Vibrato, can they? but then I realized all those fancy tappings and everything are only imitating pianist "hammering" piano keys. sweep picking? the musical expression can be done better(?) and with ease on the piano also... and Piano can cover chord and melody at the same time easily, when some guitar pieces struggle a lot to do that(arppegios) though it can be just as beautiful. with guitar solos, it's difficult to throw chords in(though jazz guitar does it a lot), with piano solos, it's just really natural, almost effortless. Complicated walking bass(JOE PASS) can take a lot of efforts on the guitar, but almost too easy on the piano If we're talking versatility, is piano more versatile than guitar?? PIANO > GUITAR??
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