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  1. pronounce it backwards youll shit bricks i swear and lol at unfunny thread.
  2. I mean seriously, Holiday Frappe? What is that? Eat Your Own Dust? Sand in my Shoe? "Hey what are you listening to?" "Oh, its a remix of a Sonic and Knuckles BGM called Sand in my Shoe." "Okay." *runs*
  3. whats with the multiple years. Why not "Happy New Year".
  4. So is it legal to run around beating up bad guys?
  5. does his robot become a SUPER GIANT robot? Is that what im missing? ehh fine. one more episode.
  6. This is a nice thread, but gurrenn laggan is just another compilation of giant robots, stupid over-stylized character designs and hyper teenagers, with a special emphasis on women's tits. Nothing good about that. Granted, Ive only watched the first three episodes, but Im sure that everything I mentioned above just gets worse as the series goes on.
  7. That sucks. But hey you could make me a sig for Christmas. Something badass would do nicely. My gift to you. I got a blackberry, which I wasn't really asking for, but hey nice suprise. Also LEGOs, at age 18. LOL
  8. I was so happy when I saw this thread title. 85 to 92 was the golden era, before the stereotypes started to set in. Thank god someone appreciates the good stuff in stead of GURRENN NLLAGENN
  9. So...is that it? You walk about as a little tree thing whilst nerds debate the need to graduate high school?
  10. Right now the most recent posts in threads are on page one, with the first post being on the last page, but I would like the reverse. Can someone tell me how to change this?
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